The tragedy of Ronnie Peterson

Formula 1 gives an incredible level of thrill and adrenaline. The entertaining and active betting sites in Kenya – can be visited by anyone wishing to wager on the best Grand Prix events.

However, this sport is sometimes submerged in tragedy. There are dozens of drivers who unfortunately died on the tracks. One of them is Swedish national Ronnie Peterson.

Yet, Peterson almost touched Formula 1 glory. The driver was the runner-up during the 1971 season of Formula 1. The 1xBet Kenya platform are active betting sites in which punters can find multiple opportunities to wager on Formula 1 events.

The 1978 Italian Grand Prix

The 10th of September 1978 can be considered as one of the most tragic days in Formula 1 history. Yet, it didn’t have to be that way. Everybody expected it to be a party for those who love motorsports. Whenever great races are being disputed, you can go to and make in-play wagers on these kinds of events.

Things already started badly for the Swede during the race. He caused serious damage to his car during a training session. There was no spare car immediately available. For this reason, Peterson needed to compete with a vehicle from the previous year, which hadn’t received major maintenance for a long time.

After a chaotic start, multiple cars collided with Peterson’s, some of the drivers involved were:

  • James Hunt;
  • Vittorio Brambilla;
  • Carlos Reutemann;
  • and Hans-Joachim Stuck.

The best drivers in Formula 1 are available to wager on the 1xBet online bookmaker. Many fellow drivers immediately ran to Peterson to try to help him. However, his legs were seriously injured. It is said that James Hunt forced Peterson to not look at his legs due to the severity of the injuries.

Hopes vanish

Since Peterson was still conscious, people thought that his life was not in danger. Fans even imagined that he could return to the tracks. Right now, the best betting Kenya app is 1xBet, and it can be used to start betting on Formula 1.

The initial assessment made by the doctors at the hospital was not good. The driver suffered dozens of fractures to his legs. At best, it was likely that he would never return to Formula 1 again. Unfortunately, the Swede’s condition worsened during his initial night at the hospital.

Ronnie Peterson died on the 11th of September. However, he left a powerful legacy. Many people think that he is the best driver who never won the Formula 1 Championship. The 1xBet Kenya website is the place that offers the best betting app, which can also be used to wager on the Formula 1 Grand Prix.


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