The “10-year rule”: Here’s how this psychological strategy for more satisfaction works. It will not only improve your performance at online slots to win real money but also affect your entire life. Are you looking for more satisfaction in your life? We’ve looked at the “10-year rule.” This is the key to happiness: everything you need to know about the “10-year rule”. 

We repeat the same actions every day for years, taking refuge in habits we know well because they reassure us and because we identify with them in some way. However, staying in one’s comfort zone for too long can have its drawbacks. According to an interesting study, you risk thwarting success and personal development. 

Experts advise readers to break with ingrained habits and renew their lifestyle (at least) once every 10 years. In the same article, the psychiatrist quotes Dr. David Lawrence Sackett. The US-Canadian physician became a famous researcher and pioneer of evidence-based medicine in the 1970s. He also held the view: when you get good at something (whatever the field), it’s time to try something new – to evolve as a person.


As humans, experts say, we often have two conflicting drives to contend with. One drives us to explore, to traverse unknown and inaccessible territories in search of something that will make us feel truly good and fulfilled. 

The other leads us to avoidance, to drastically limit the area in which we move, characterized by preservation, as if the outside world and others were a threat. In this scenario, we prepare for hibernation by accumulating supplies for the long winter – with the risk that winter will become our entire life.

What do we mean by success? It is difficult for some to define this. But actually, success has nothing to do with fame and money. Being truly successful means fully realizing yourself through activities and relationships that fill your life with meaning, so the experts.


Change can be constantly cultivated, so it would permeate our entire lives. But change can also be brought about by drastic shifts every few years, as suggested by Ghaemi. For example, by resolutely cutting off dead branches in relationships and work so that, like pruning a tree, fresh and healthy branches can grow. Slowly reducing your workload and time to devote to other activities can also contribute to a happier life.

To change, you need to know yourself. This is really important. But remember a lesson from psychology: real change begins when we stop pretending and become honest with ourselves and those around us. When we face our shortcomings and unmet expectations. Starting from these truths (one’s own personal truths) is necessary to turn over a new leaf.

One changes by deciding to abandon what I would call the ‘strategy of eternal complaining’. By fooling oneself into believing that one is protecting oneself from personal failure and from disappointing the expectations of those around one by remaining immobile in the bubble of comfort, when one has performed such an act of courage, the benefits will not be long in coming.


First of all, habits guide us through the day. Without a doubt, we form important automatisms during this stage that guide us through everyday life. Which pants leg do we put on first when we get dressed? How often do we chew on a bite of jam before swallowing it? Which side do we start on when brushing our teeth? – We probably learned many such routines in childhood and have repeated them every morning since.

In this way, our habits take over 30 to 50 percent of the daily decisions for us. While routine actions run in autopilot mode, we have time to plan our day and make important decisions: When do I have to pick up my child from daycare? Should we rather invest in a second car or in a family vacation? 

The habit loop: stimulus, behavior, reward. Every habit runs in the psychological pattern of a loop. First, the brain scans the environment for a triggering stimulus: this can be a typical everyday situation or a mood such as nervousness.

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