The Rise Of Intergraded Bucks And Hen Parties

A lot of brides and grooms are doing things less traditionally, especially when it comes to hens and bucks parties. There has been a high demand in the industry for combined bucks and hens dos (called Hucks in some corners). The reason is not just to save money, a lot of couples have friends in common or friends that would like to have their own partners incorporated to integrated pre-wedding celebrations instead of having men going off on their own or women doing the same. If men can have female best friends they would like to act as the “best man” and women have best male friends they would also like to have playing a bigger role, then it makes sense that couples would have a party or have pre-wedding festivities that include everyone.

What can people for their Hucks party?

To have a successful integrated hucks party, it is important to incorporate things that each partner is passionate about. If the groom is more into sports or gambling, then incorporate that in the list of events. If they are club people, then the club should definitely be part of it. Passions may not be shared but the events can be tweaked that even a soccer loving man can enjoy a game without alienating anything. Try something like Zorbing (also known as soccer in a bubble).  It’s hilarious and lots of fun. Spas which tend to be common with women can be just as fun for men. There are lots of spas that pamper both men and women and have a lot of couples coming through.

What about themes?

Themed parties are fun. You can let your imagination run wild by having something like a superhero themed party where you have everyone dress up like their favourite superhero characters. If that’s not your thing, take a page out the reality TV craze and try themes like “The only way is Essex”. Strippers are an essential part of any pre-wedding celebration. You can have the whole event take place at a strip club such as Bar 20. These are fun, even for the girl or guy who never thought they would never be caught in a strip club. You can come up with something different. The cardinal rule is:  work together.

It’s ok for males and females to want to do their things separately, maybe during the day and then meet up to have more fun with their friends and their partners. First, the celebration is about you as individuals and then it becomes a celebration about the two of you as a couple. Besides money being a factor, single-sex parties are very regressive in the world we currently live in.  Some traditions have to change with the times and one of those is how you celebrate you last night of freedom.  Another factor is that single-sex celebrations are starting to feel regressive. Friendships have increasingly become mixed gender so why shouldn’t bucks or hens party be mixed gender too?

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