The Perfect Room For Your Kids: Things To Consider

A separate room for kids is trendy, but designing and decorating a kid’s bedroom is quite a challenge as there can be many changes as they grow mentally and physically. Designing a kid’s room needs immense planning as their requirements and needs keep changing as they grow. But if you keep a few basics in mind and with a little creativity, you can create a space that is their own, comfortable, stylish, and, most importantly, fun. Follow the list of kids’ accessories to consider when creating their space and build a perfect place where your kid can create memories for a lifetime.

A Room that Evolves with Age

One of the main pitfalls that parents fall into when designing their rooms is decorating without keeping in mind their children’s ages. Yes, it has to be age-appropriate but when you do it right, you can create a room that evolves as your kid grows from preschool to college. How do you achieve this impossible task? The best approach is to decorate walls with neutral colours. That will help you prevent the mistake of creating a bedroom that is locked to toddler years. That does not mean you should make the room look like a grownup’s room. You can make it playful by adding cartoon-themed cribs and cradles, a rug that draws attention, graphic patterns, etc.

Work with the Available Space

Kids need a lot of space to play, move around, and entertain friends. So ensure that you design with this in mind. Also, depending on the age, the need for floor space varies. If you are designing a room for toddlers, they need a lot of floor space for their activities. On the other hand, teenagers need seating so they can entertain their friends. Choose furniture that syncs with this. For instance, it is wise to invest in a bed with storage so that they have enough storage for their books, toys, etc. Bunker beds are also a good choice if you are designing a room for more than one kid.

Also, it is better to invest in adult-worthy and durable furniture for two reasons; one, it can accommodate the interests of your child better as they grow. The other kid’s room becomes a guest room when there are overnight guests staying, so it is better to invest in classic furniture.

Separate Zones

It is important that there be dedicated spaces for play, sleep, meals, and study. That will emphasise the fact that for every activity, there is a place. For instance, kids’ high chairs should be in the dining room and used during meal time. A toy basket or storage bin will prompt them to place things where they should be. A study desk is a place to do homework or creative activities. By defining and giving them a proper space to organise their world, you teach them important life lessons.

Choose Colourfully but Think Sensible

When choosing the colour palette for the kid’s room or while choosing kids’ towels, bed sheets go beyond the gender-specific blue and pink shades. Instead, opt for neutral shades in place of them, as they are the sensible choice. Additionally, it has the potential to make the room look vibrant. Bed sheets and dry sheets for the baby crib mattress or the bunk or regular beds, curtains, throw pillows, and other accessories can be colourful and add a great vibe to the bedroom. There are many accented superhero and princess bedding choices that add a touch of cuteness to the design.

A Little Wardrobe and Other Storage Ideas

A little wardrobe is a necessity—not for the kid but to make your life easier The kids’ wardrobe designs come with separate spaces, which helps you save time when helping them get ready. Choose a wardrobe that has enough space for casual wear, party wear, school uniforms, etc. If you have older kids, teach them to arrange things on their own. Having a wardrobe and arranging them there can make them more organised and independent.

The other issue parents face is tackling clutter, which is in the form of toys, stationery, books, and more. There are many clever storage options, ranging from bins, boxes, etc., that are inexpensive but an easy way to remove clutter. Opt for bright-coloured and patterned boxes to add a fun element.

Create a Reading Nook

Every parent would love to have their kids study and do well academically as they grow up. But not many realise that concentration and focus on studies cannot happen overnight and that a concerted effort is needed. The first step towards that is to create a reading nook with books that are age-appropriate. Have accessible bookshelves with interesting books to induce the culture and habit of reading. Do not limit this idea to reading, it can also be used to pursue other hobbies and interests your child has. Have appropriate furniture like a desk and a chair to create a complete nook set-up.

Does Evolving a Room mean no Fun?

Absolutely not! While you should ensure your room design evolves as the kid grows, that does not mean there should be no fun elements in the room. Use kids’ accessories and accents to your advantage, which, unlike furniture, can be changed often. They can be replaced as their tastes develop and they grow up. While repainting is uneconomical and impractical, you can add wallpaper or throw pillows as per your child’s favourite theme and replace them when your child outgrows them. By adding fun accents while keeping kids’ furniture that suits adult ages, you get the best of both worlds.

Natural Light is Important

Children should always stay in bright, warm, and well-lit places. So before you start designing and decorating the kids’ room, ensure that the space receives ample natural sunlight. So that they get enough light to put their body into a natural sleep rhythm. Apart from natural light, research the best kind of lights to use so that they have ample light to play, do homework, or do other activities. Include indoor string lights, as they give warmth to the bedroom and also help reduce nighttime fears.

The idea of designing and decorating a child’s room seems daunting, especially when you are trying to incorporate longevity. But with some creative thinking and well-thought decor, it can last for many years to come. Hopefully, when you incorporate the above things to consider, you can make a bedroom for the long haul.

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