The Perfect Dressing Table Ideas For Your Bedroom

The dressing table was considered a luxury item in the 1960s or ’70s, for that matter. Many people thought it was a waste and a piece of unwanted furniture that occupied more space. But nowadays almost everyone wants to dress up nicely, and a dressing table is a must for every home. The dressing table, also known as a dresser or vanity table, is available in different models. Moreover, you can keep all the essential daily needs of cosmetics in the storage drawers of the dressing table. You don’t need to search for each cosmetics item and waste your precious time. The dressing table in your bedroom adds glamour to your room.

How to Find the Best Dressing Table?

Nowadays, it is simplified and easy to search for dressing tables online. You would be amazed to see a lot of varieties of dressing tables in different models, shapes, styles, etc. It doesn’t matter how small, or big your bedroom is; it is available in various types, styles, etc., that fit your bedroom.

Some of the varieties of dressing tables are listed here:

  • Wooden Dressing Table Design

It is a dressing table made of wood, and there are different types of woods: Oak, Teak, Chestnut, Sheesham, Melamine, Solid, Engineered, etc. You have various choices, and it isn’t easy to choose from many types. While choosing, make sure to check for its sturdiness, styles, price, etc., that suit your bedroom.

  • Wall-mounted Dressing Table

They are contemporary, sleek, space-saving, and exclusively streamlined to beautify your bedroom. It comes in different elegant styles with added storage chests that enhance Hollywood style to your bedroom. It is sure to capture everyone’s heart, and the latest trending dressing table is a wall-mounted dressing table. Everyone prefers a wall mounted dressing table that occupies less space and adds a sophisticated look.

  • Dressing Table with Mirror

It is convenient and helps you keep all your cosmetics, accessories, etc., in an organised manner. It is available in different styles that suit your bedroom.

Small Dressing Table Design Ideas For Small Bedrooms

According to the room’s style and space, you can choose the dressing table that fits your bedroom. Suppose you have a small bedroom and like to accommodate the dressing table in your bedroom. In that case,

  • An Extension of Your Wardrobe: Anyways, you should have a storage space to keep your makeup kits, accessories, etc. You can design the wardrobe in such a way as to accommodate a small dressing table beside it. It will occupy less space, and it highlights your bedroom.
  • Utilise that Unused Corner: Even the tiny bedrooms have corners that you will not use. Therefore, you can choose a compact dressing table with drawers and a mirror that fits in the unused corner of your bedroom to add glory to the room.
  • Floating Drawers For a Small Dressing Table: You would compliment the floating drawers, which eventually free up the ground space. It would not look congested, and you can fix the mirror on top of it and enjoy the benefits.
  • Vertical Dressing Unit: If there is only a little space available in your bedroom, then you can choose a vertical dressing unit that holds all your grooming essentials, and fixing the mirror beside it adds decor to your bedroom.
  • Portable Dressing Unit: If a dressing table is in your room alone, it is inconvenient for the guests or other family members to use it. In that case, you can choose the dressing unit that is portable. A full-length mirror supported by the walls and a storage table beside it would solve your problems. You can move it wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Fully Utilize Your Wall Space: It is not necessary to keep the dressing table in your bedroom only. If you have a tiny bedroom and there is no more space left to accommodate the vanity table, you keep it wherever the room is available. It can be near the window, wardrobe, or in any corner space that is more convenient for you.
  • Go for Half a Dressing Table: It is a table with a half hemisphere, and it occupies less space than usual. You can prop the mirror above it and a small stool. You can keep the seat underneath the table when you are not using it.
  • Multipurpose Small Dressing Table: Its elegant style almost suits all types of bedrooms, especially tiny bedrooms. It looks like an extension from the cot, and it is cosy and occupies less space. It is a small dressing unit with chest drawers, and you can prop a mirror above it. A low stool that goes inside the dressing unit and looks modest.


You can choose any of the ideas listed above and give a surprise to your family members. Nowadays, a dresser is an essential commodity for every home, and it is available in all kinds of sizes and shapes that fit your style, which is an added advantage.

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