The outline of the knock-down house structure

Structural steel for building houses Most of the home builders or knock down rebuild Sydney home builders are commonly used. They can be divided into 2 types:

1. 1 Cold-formed structural steel (Cold formed structural steel) is formed by folding and forming steel sheets while in normal temperature. using hot rolled steel or galvanized steel sheet as raw material (Galvanized) depending on the nature of use. There is a need for corrosion resistance. how much or how little

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Most of them are used as columns, beams and other structures. This type of product is box steel, round tube steel, and C-shaped steel, with a thickness ranging from 1.0-3.2 mm. Box steel is commonly used in structures, columns, beams, knock-down houses, floor steel frames. single store, small one storey which is a building that weighs not much

Steel boxes are classified as

Hollow structural steel commonly used with Heavy load-bearing structures such as columns, beams of a knock-down house, steel frames and can be applied instead of wood or concrete because it is lightweight both strong and durable

C steels are classified as

Cold-formed structural steel suitable for medium and small construction works such as residences, commercial buildings, which this C steel commonly used to make roof structures such as rafters, purlins, and can also be applied to general steel structure

Round steel pipes are classified as

 Hollow structural steel, commonly used to make columns, beams, trusses for Factory buildings, large warehouses or knock-down houses that need a different design

Galvanized steel is a form of steel that is plated. galvanized to prevent rust

Used for structures or trusses such as posts, fences, railings, rust resistant properties, do not require frequent maintenance. popular highly from homeowners and contractors because they don’t have to have a rust-proof coating to make the job complete faster.

TIP. Box steel, C body steel, round tube steel, hollow steel suitable for work Semi-permanent construction, strong, lightweight, flexible

The advantage is that it is not difficult to lift and move the building. In the steel frame knock-down house market, a 9.30 square meter house that can be lifted and moved by a flatbed trailer.

TIP. Building a house with a size of 40 sq m or more will be made as an address. Live permanently and do not have plans to relocate the building.

except for the buildings brought to operate business and have Make a plan in advance, such as an office for a housing project, a coffee shop located on the leased area.

TIP. Steel frame knock-down house will use box steel and C steel as the structure and truss structure, it is commonly constructed as a 1-storey building or mostly high-rise buildings

But if it’s a 2-storey building, it’s still not accepted by consumers. about strength and durable as it should be

2. 2 Hot rolled structural steel

that are produced to be used as various building structures are thicker than steel cold rolled shape can bear a lot of weight. A finished piece makes it possible to build faster than concrete and resulting in a structure with a wider span and lighter weight. Suitable for medium-large buildings or knock-down houses from 1-2 floors up.

Hot-rolled profiles have several cross-sections, such as Wide-flange-shaped, H-shaped | Beam | C-Channel-shaped Beam.

When the weight is high, the price is high, so it is not popular. For small knock-down houses or extension work Most of which focus on economical prices. Does not meet the needs of customers with limited budgets

Hot rolled form steel is an option of the structure. that has been applied instead of the SEC structure to help the construction work to be completed faster Because there is no need to waste time setting up formwork, columns, beams, although the cost of materials is slightly more expensive. But compared to the time that can be spent building faster It is considered worth the investment.

3 One-story steel frame knock-down house Three types of steel are commonly used as follows:

1.3.1 Square steel box (Square steel) is a steel box that is square The standard length of each line is 6 meters or 6,000 millimeters. The length measurement is commonly measured in millimeters. The measurement must be +/- not more than 2% (not more than 6,120 mm long and not shorter than 5880 mm). All lines must be the same length.

1.3.2 Rectangular steel box (Flat steel pipe) is a steel box with rectangular shape The standard length is the same as square steel. all lines are the same length

This type of steel box is used to make beams, joists, joists, rafters and be used instead of wood or Concrete can be the same as steel square boxes.

The advantages are strength, light weight, can be purchased easily, and the price is not high. popular with consumers In addition, technicians are familiar with how to work very well.

1.3.3 C Light Lip Channel

The reason why it is called C-section steel is because when looking at the cutting front, it looks like a C. It is considered one of the cold-formed structural steels (Structural steel).

At present, the roof structure will use C-steel to make ace, rafters, roof purlins and trusses that do not support much weight.

C body steel has a standard length of 6 meters, like a box iron.

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