The Newly Banned Sports You Must Know

Sports have always been a form of entertainment. They were first invented for amusement back in the day and have continued to serve their purpose so far. People enjoy participating in sports as well as simply being a spectator. It has been away for many to unwind after a long day. Now sports have been categorized in several different segments, each with its allure. Not all cater to the same crowd. There are sports that many countries do not deem worthy or safe, so they put a ban on them. This is because they consider them too aggressive and intense, if not for humans, then for animals. There are quite a several sports that have been banned in numerous countries.

Shock Fighting may as well be illegal in a few states of the United States of America and across all the states of the United Kingdom because they have tasers banned too. MMA, also known as Mixed Martial Arts, is a sport that is quite violent in itself, but when the element of shock is added, it gets even more brutal and painful. The gloves are made with tasers, so each hit delivered to the opponent makes sure that an electrical shock passes through the glove to the opponent to add an extra level of pain to each blow.

Cock Fighting is a blood sport wherein male birds are trained and bred to go beak against beak in a small ring where the one who survives is the winner. This means that in each fight, one rooster dies. Thousands and millions of cockfights have been issues over history, meaning the death of so many birds merely for the sake of entertainment. This has been a sport so deeply rooted in so many cultures that it has taken a very long time to officially make it illegal and make sure the citizens abide by the ban. There are still many countries where cockfighting is legal. These include Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic, where they’ve gone to have clubs arranging professional cockfights. All fifty states of the United States of America have a strict ban on cockfighting.

Fox Hunting is a traditional sport where a skulk of foxes is followed by a group of hunters on foot, horseback, motorbikes, or cars, and later hunted. Many usually travel with a pack of hunting dogs to pick up on the scent of the foxes and kill them when they find them. This is a gruesome sport that is enjoyed traditionally, yet again, in many of our cultures. While it is a cruel sport, many people enjoy it, and hence it is still within the laws in Canada, Northern Ireland, France, Australia, and the United States of America. However, in the United Kingdom, fox hunting is considered highly controversial since it is prohibited to flush out wild mammals, such as minks, deer, and foxes, with hunting dogs in England and Wales. Still, there isn’t a specific ban on it yet.

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