The Most Popular and Reliable Co-working Spaces in Bali

Every coworking space in Bali has high-speed WiFi, actual ergonomic seats, full office amenities, and ultimately, a tropical paradise-like setting. There have been tens of thousands of young professionals who’ve come to live the nomadic lifestyle in Bali during the past few decades. Laptop warriors in Bali can be found anywhere and anytime, all while sipping on an iced coffee.

Outpost co-working space

The Outpost Ubud Coworking Space Is The Best In Bali (Canggu, Ubud & Ubud Penestanan), Located in Bali, Outpost is one of Bali’s largest coworking spaces. There is a new coworking space in Ubud Penestanan that has just opened.

There are high-speed WiFi connections, light-filled collaboration places, and air-conditioned work zones available at all three Outpost locations for Coworking spaces in Bali.

During Skyping with a client, you can take a dip in the garden’s swimming pool. Everyone at the Outpost is eager to help you feel at home, and you can always count on your fellow Outposters to do the same.

As a member of Outpost, you’ll be eligible for member benefits, including discounts and vouchers from their partnerships with local and worldwide companies. Outpost has an excellent co-living option in Bali as well. Outpost has got it when it comes to helping you construct your ideal life.


  • 25-hour access, starting at $49 per month, Lite Pass
  • From $115 a month, you get 70 hours of access to the Medium Pass.
  • Unlimited access for as low as $188 a month with the One Pass.
  • One Pass Plus – Monthly fee of $208 for a dedicated desk
  • From $16 per hour daily.

Bilic Workspace (Seminyak)

In Arabic, “biliq” means “room or space,” Therefore, Biliq was coined. Bilic’s creators were motivated by the frustrations of working in crowded cafes with unreliable WiFi.

Seminyak coworking space

Customers at this Seminyak coworking space are the first in Bali to be charged a per-minute payment. There is no compromise on the beauty or quality of their service because they are so reasonably priced. The Flexi desk is a favorite, and there are also meeting spaces and high-speed WiFi available throughout. The workstations are well-maintained.

Take a call or a video chat in the privacy of your own home. The Skype room has been soundproofed for your convenience.

You have the option of sitting outside in the sunshine or indoors in a relaxed, comfortable setting. A well-stocked pantry or a double shot cappuccino from the cafe can help you get through the day. On Google Reviews, Biliq is Bali’s most highly rated coworking space for remote employees.

It has a garden, as well as a swimming pool if the weather becomes bad.

If you choose Biliq’s Monthly Unlimited membership, you may use all of Biliq’s partner perks without having to pay any additional fees.

A free pancake night, SEO training, and coffee appreciation classes are just some of the fun events Biliq hosts for its members.


  • Pay-as-you-go: From $10 each day
  • Month-long access starts at $45 for five days each week.
  • $103/month for ten days a month – suitable for one month
  • From $132, a month-long pass is available for unlimited use.

Co-Working Space Connco (Canggu)

The Conoco Work Hub was designed for employees and visitors, who will immediately feel at ease in their surroundings.

If you’re in the Canggu area, this coworking space has an open floor design, comfortable couches, and a rooftop with a view of the pool.

Get some much-needed downtime in the tropical gardens with a swim in the enormous pool if your head isn’t cooperating. Let us know how we can help you organize and implement your next significant event. The helpful staff will set you up with private meeting space and Skype access right away.

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