The list of great business schools in 2021

Among the many directions to study, students often pick the business field. There are many advantages of studying in business school, which are becoming essential for choosing a career path and competing with other specialists within the industry. It is not a secret that for any studying process, writing assignments are inevitable. However, what should you do if you are running out of time and afraid of not meeting the deadline? The answer is near – reach out to a reliable service and get essay help from professionals in writing who will resolve difficulties in creating papers. 

Why enter a business school?

Nowadays the business field is vast and includes many aspects and areas. To feel free in a modern business world, students attend schools that allow them to learn marketing, entrepreneurship, project management, organizational factors, accounting, or get an MBA. Moreover, business schools help develop necessary soft skills such as emotional intelligence, which are irreplaceable nowadays. Read on to find which business schools (BS) deserve your attention in 2021.

Stanford University BS

This educational establishment is considered the best among business schools in the world annually. Programs that students can obtain include production management, project management, logistics, portfolio management, marketing, finance, ethics, economics, general management, and other disciplines. Harvard University Business School’s full-time study fee is about USD $74,700 per year. 

Harvard University BS

Harvard provides various methods of study, including the “case” method that is considered effective in learning business processes. The program covers such directions and business disciplines as accounting, e-commerce, HR management, entrepreneurship, and health care administration. Full-time tuition in this business school costs about USD $73,400 annually. 

Columbia University BS

This business school reveals the high percentage of graduates who are successfully employed after their tuition. The following departments are open to entering in 2021 to study business: consulting, entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship, management of non-profit organizations, portfolio statistics research, and more. The tuition fee is about $77,300 per one year of study.

Yale University BS

Entering this business school, students opt for production management, portfolio management, supply chain management, health care management, and many others. Studying at Yale Business School costs approximately USD $72,300 per one year. There is an option of executive tuition as well that costs approximately USD $96,000 per year.

University of California Berkeley BS

This is one of the most desired business schools based around the San Francisco area and famous Silicon Valley that is making a dream job in Google and Visa closer to reality after finishing one of the courses. The MBA program takes up to 21 months. Among the disciplines are general management, international entrepreneurship, leadership, technologies, management, and others. The business school offers an annual tuition cost of about USD $68,400.

Northwestern University BS

The business school has a wide range of departments to choose from. Among the disciplines are management, public administration, real estate, operations research, and more. There is a possibility of getting a full-time and part-time MBA program. Tuition costs approximately USD $74,000 per year.

Wrap up

Hopefully, this list would support you on decisions regarding business education in 2021. We wish you luck in your efforts and career!

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