The legendary Giampiero Boniperti

Juventus is a team that has had plenty of legendary players during their existence. The best football and kabaddi betting can be made at any moment by going to the 1xBet bookmaker, where Juventus matches are also featured.

One of these names was Giampiero Boniperti. He spent his entire career in Juventus, playing on that team between 1946 and 1961. He was an incredibly talented forward who helped his team to win multiple Serie A and Coppa Italia titles during that period. Punters can make kabaddi and football betting on the 1xBet online bookmaker, which has the best tournaments that are being celebrated in Europe.

One of the top scorers in Juventus’ history

For more than 40 years, Boniperti was the top scorer in the history of Juventus. He scored 182 goals for the team across all the competitions where he participated. It is possible to make online betting easier with 1xBet, which offers incredible opportunities when deciding to wager on great football matches.

His record was only broken in 2006 by none other than Alessandro del Piero. For a long time he also kept the record of the most Serie A matches played with Juventus, with a total of 443. He was later surpassed by del Piero and Gianluigi Buffon. Don’t forget to make your online betting easier with 1xBet, which has the entire Serie A and many other top football leagues.

A highly versatile player

Gianpiero Boniperti not only was a prolific goalscorer. He was also a highly versatile player who was capable of positioning himself in various positions on the field. In addition to the Serie A, at the 1xBet website punters can also find great UEFA Nations League odds, which are the best in the market.

The positions where the Italian was capable of playing throughout his career included:

  • striker;
  • winger;
  • second striker;
  • attacking midfielder;
  • central midfielder;
  • and even as a defensive midfielder in later stages of his career.

Boniperti was capable of excelling in all those roles due to his incredible vision, accurate passing and fantastic skill and technique. It is worth noting that during a huge part of his career he was part of a deadly trio with John Charles and Omar Sívori. He was capable of performing a supportive role for those teammates, which created huge problems for the opposing teams. The UEFA Nations League, the Serie A, the Coppa Italia and plenty of other competitions are featured on 1xBet, where great odds are available.

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