The intricate Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method

the outside, cricket might look like a game where one team throws the ball while the player of another team tries to bat it. After the ball is batted, the fielders try to capture it. However, the reality is that cricket can be much more complex than that. Followers of this interesting sport can visit 1xBet for sports betting online, and try their luck wagering on the multiple opportunities that this sport can offer.

There is an instance in cricket where the sport gets mixed with mathematics. Here we are talking about the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method. The reason why this seemingly complex method has that name is because of three people, which are:

  • Frank Duckworth;
  • Tony Lewis;
  • and Steven Stern.

In order to understand why this method is needed, it is necessary to understand a bit more about limited overs cricket. Usually, in this form of cricket, there are severe time constraints. In other words, matches must finish within a specific window of time, and a winner must be declared on many of its matches. Those who are ready for online sports betting can visit 1xBet right now, and explore the amazing cricket section of the website.

How does the method work

In order to understand this method completely, it is necessary to have a good knowledge about statistics. Here a much simpler explanation will be provided. The best platform to make India bet cricket – 1xBet bookmaker company, and it offers chances to wager on limited and unlimited overs matches.

The purpose of the method is actually quite simple. Whenever a match is interrupted due to bad weather or other external circumstances, and it is not possible to continue it later, the method comes into play.

The DLS method is used to calculate the score that a team batting in second place is most likely to obtain. In turn, this can decide if a team that was unable to bat due to external circumstances had chances to win the game. The 1xBet India bookmaker company provides many opportunities to bet on cricket, and to wager on whether the DLS method will be used.

Two key parameters

The fact that this method was developed by statisticians means that there is a lot of underlying complexity in the DLS method. The website allows its members to also wager on the possible final score of a team that is on the field.

The two parameters used for calculating this target score include the number of overs and the numbers of wickets. In the cricket field, this calculation is made by using tables where the number of overs and the number of wickets is found. From there, it is possible to obtain a target score. The 1xBet live website also allows its members to wager in real time the wickets and runs that teams are likely to score.

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