The iGaming industry: business lessons to take away

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world. Even with the global economic downturn, the iGaming sector has continued to see positive growth. When people have cut out many other small luxuries, being able to play a few rounds of blackjack or bingo, or place some bets on the big game has remained a priority.

We’re living in the age of the entrepreneur, and small businesses have become a big deal. People want to be able to support independent companies and businesses in their communities. This has opened the way for many smaller brands and is slowly changing the business landscape.

There are many lessons that the iGaming industry can teach small and new businesses. While it may seem like a fairly niche field, with little in common with more traditional retail or service industries, many of the lessons that it can teach are much more widely applicable.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the top business lessons to take away from the iGaming industry.

Appeal to new customers

Customer loyalty can no longer be counted on the way it once was. Consumers today have so many options that catching their attention, let alone holding it, can be incredibly difficult. Despite iGaming being such a crowded market, new online casinos are continually opening and are able to thrive. The trick to this is being able to appeal to and draw in new customers.

One of the top ways that they do this is by offering a welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses typically consist of free spins and a deposit match. This makes the casino more attractive to new players who feel like they can try it out without having to make too much of a financial commitment.

Take Dunder Casino as an example. To welcome new players, they offer deposit matching on their first three deposits, alongside 200 free spins on one of the most popular slot machine games. By extending the bonus over three deposits, they ensure that players will keep coming back long enough to hopefully become fans and stay long-term.

Not every business has an offer like free spins that they can just give away. There are, however, small perks that can help to bring in new customers. If you’re confident in the product or service that you offer, then drawing in new customers should be your main focus and they will stay once they appreciate what your business does.

Stand out

The online casino market is a very, very crowded one. There is competition from long-standing online casinos, new up-and-comers, and online casinos run by major gambling brands. In order to survive, they need to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Some do this by having a distinct and well thought out brand aesthetic that makes them immediately recognizable. Others have exclusive games that you can’t play anywhere else or prize drawings that are only open to their loyal customers.

Finding a way to make your business stand out from the crowd can be essential to its survival. Look at the ways in which iGaming businesses do that and then see how those lessons could be applied to your business

Offer choices

As a society, we’re spoiled for choice. Online slot games are a perfect example of this – many online casinos offer up to a thousand different games. While most businesses are unlikely to have hundreds of options for their customers, giving them plenty to choose from can make your business far more attractive.

Advertise on social media

Traditional advertising methods don’t have the same pull that they used to. Sure, thousands of people might see your billboard or advertisement on the side of a bus – but how many are actually going to notice it, remember it and then take the steps to actually visit your business? The answer is that it will be a tiny fraction of those who see it.

Advertising on social media platforms is the way forward and one more area where iGaming has excelled. Advertising using TikTok, Facebook or Instagram takes two main forms. The first is essentially a traditional advertisement, just on a new platform. The second is influencer marketing – paying a popular influencer to test and review your site or product.

Influencers have a huge amount of – unsurprisingly – influence over their audience. A positive review from an influencer is likely to drive a huge amount of traffic your way. Many crypto casinos have worked with popular streamers and have seen massive rises in popularity from doing so.

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