The Evolution Of Satta Matka

In the 1950s, right after India gained their independence from the United Kingdom, Satta Matka became a full-fledged lottery game. At that time it was called ‘Ankada Jugar.’ Even though the game has evolved and completely changed over the years, the name Matka has remained.

In the early days of the game, players bet on the numbers sent from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange via teleprinter. In 1961, this practice came to an end. This sent the bookies into a frenzy. They were trying to find a way to keep Satta Matka alive and so not to lose the money the lottery generated. This forced an evolution of the game.

In the original Satta Matka lottery, numbers 0-9 were written on pieces of paper and put into a matka. (A matka is a large pitcher made of earthen material) Someone would then draw a chit and declare the winning numbers. In modern matka games, three numbers are drawn from a deck of playing cards. The winner gets a lot of money from Matka gambling and he is known as a Matka King. But this is not the completion of the evolution of the popular game.

Today, people around the world are turning to their smartphones and computers to enjoy their gambling and gaming experiences. By playing their favorite games and lotteries online, they can play wherever and whenever they choose. They do not have to travel to select numbers or tickets or to collect winnings. All transactions are done online. This gives players more time to concentrate on the game and more time to relax and enjoy the experience.

Of course, a player must choose a quality company to play with. The gambling industry is tightly controlled. Vendors must be licensed and insured. They must have the experience needed to provide quality games that are created by leaders in the field. Their software must be state-of-the-art, user-friendly, and above reproach. If they are not all of these things, a player should move on. You can have it all. You can have fun, excitement, and win big money. Your payout can be fast, accurate, insured, and guaranteed.

Jhatka Matka

You can play Satta Matka safely at Lottoland. At Lottoland it is called Jhatka Matka and it is a modern version of Satta Matka with a twist. It is fun, fast, and exciting and there is a draw every 15-minutes. Lottoland is an offshore company approved by various bodies, including the UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA). Lottoland adheres to all stringent standards and requirements and is transparent in its dealings.

Lottoland has more than 6-million customers. They are featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the ‘Largest online gambling pay-out in history’. So, you know you can trust them.

Playing the game

Buy your ticket

Simply calculate and guess the numbers you want for the draw

Use the tips and tricks Lottoland has provided on their site and study the gambling panna to help you pick your lucky numbers. These tips and tricks really help! Now play Jhatka Matka and win your cash!


  • Draws are made every 15 minutes
  • If you win Single Ank, your winnings are multiplied by 9. That is 900%
  • Results are in real-time and winnings are placed in your online wallet
  • All of your favorites are included (for example; Jodi, Panna, Full Sangham)
  • You can place multiple bets if you would like
  • If you win more than one game, you are paid for more than one game

The Dream

In India, most people keep their business ventures very quiet. They do not share a lot about financial matters, money invested, and opportunities in the future or past. It is understood that when it comes to such matters, it is up to you to secure for your own family. However, Satta Matka is the exception. Becoming rich is a common dream among the population of India. Satta Matka has made people very rich. It is a game of chance. Therefore, people will share their theories on how to make it rich in the game.

There are no guarantees that you will be the next crorepati in India. But, you could be. You would not be the first and you would not be the last. As long as there is an exciting game like this to play and there are people who are willing to risk a little of their hard earned money, there will be winners of this exciting game and there will be people who study the hints in order to become a pro at it.

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