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The Copenhagen Cleaning Services

Our company provides a range of cleaning service Copenhagen to suit personal or business needs, so whether you are looking for a one-off residential cleaning, carpet cleaning, or regular cleaning of a commercial property, we can assist you.

Regardless of the type of cleaning Rengøring you require, our experienced teams are trained to a high standard so that you can expect top-quality results. No job is too small or too large for our team to handle.

You can contact us today for more information on the specific services we offer, and one of our friendly team members will be able to explain our services in greater detail and how we can assist you. Let us help you!

It would be great to hear from you and work with you in the future.

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services?

The quality of our work and prices cannot be beaten by anyone.

We always provide great cleaning costs on all our services, but we make sure that the quality of our work is never compromised to ensure that our customers are always happy with the results.

Therefore, we follow these rules in order to maintain industry-leading cleaning results:

  1. Copenhagen’s best cleaners – We only hire approved, thoroughly vetted, and experienced local cleaners who are passionate about what they do. Our experience is that happy cleaners produce excellent results.
  2. The best cleaning products – Our cleaning materials are of the highest quality. It is not possible for great cleaners to do their jobs unless they have the right products to do so. Feel free to ask us questions or request which products you would like us to use.
  3. Tools for leading – For all cleaning services, we use the latest modern equipment and tools, updating them regularly to ensure we can meet industry-leading standards. When we are on-site, we will bring these with us.
  4. Check-ups and inspections – We inspect and check our cleaners on a regular basis to ensure that they are performing to the highest standard. You can rest assured that results are maintained and delivered as required by our cleaning supervisors, who conduct these checks on a regular basis.

We follow these four steps on a daily basis, which means that our work is carried out to excellent standards every single time, meaning that all parties are happy with the results.

Prices for Cleaning Services in Copenhagen

We offer competitive pricing across our full range of services without compromising on the quality or levels of services we provide. Our prices do not have a set list as they depend on a number of factors as outlined below:

The type of clean – The cleaning services we offer include home cleaning, oven cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning, school cleaning, and commercial cleaning Rengøringshjælp. Costs can vary based on the requirements of each job. Please let us know what services you need and where you are located when contacting us.

The size of the job – Cleaning a residential flat once will be cheaper than cleaning a hospital on a regular basis. Of course, a larger building will cost more. Please outline the task you are trying to accomplish when you contact us. All of our customers are charged based on the amount of time they spend with our cleaners.

The number of cleaners needed – There are people who prefer a large team working over a shorter period of time, and there are people who prefer one cleaner working over a long period of time. We can offer you a quote based on what you need, or we can send you some options you can consider.

Time required for turnaround – Costs will also be affected by how quickly you need the job done. As bio-hazard cleans can pose potential health issues, our response is very fast. For more regular cleans and non-urgent cleans (such as oven cleaning and carpet cleaning) we can accommodate our customers’ schedules easily, at any time of day; whether before or after work or during the day.

Requirements for special cleaning – We will factor in all the costs involved in carrying out a job, so there are no hidden costs. For example, special window cleaning, deep cleaning, etc, may incur an additional charge.

Advanced Cleaning and One-Time Cleaning

Besides the major types of contract cleaning and commercial Erhvervsrengøring cleaning we offer, as we’ve already mentioned, we also perform one-off cleans such as:

Oven Cleaning – A full oven clean once a year is a good way to keep on top of this much-used appliance.

Carpet Cleaning – Every year or so, many customers enjoy investing in a thorough carpet cleaning service. Regular and thorough carpet cleaning can extend the carpet’s life and help you save money in the long run.

Window Cleaning –  a Cleaning service that we provide as part of our domestic cleaning, as well as for offices, schools, and commercial establishments.

One-Off Deep Cleans – The best way to clean any premise is with a one-time deep clean. No corner is left unturned when it comes to cleaning those hard-to-reach areas, including under sofas, skirting boards, and hard-to-reach high areas. We carry out a lot of this type of cleaning work.

End of Tenancy Cleaning – A professional end-of-tenancy clean is one of the most popular services we offer across the country, both for tenants who want their deposits back and landlords who want to prepare properties for tenants.

Biohazard Clean-ups – Cleans that need to be handled swiftly should only be handled by experienced professionals.

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