The saddle stapler is a metal-made A-shaped machine that is used in bookbinding. It is a durable device that can serve you for a long. If you have a project, this is the best partner for you. It will help you produce high-quality and professional products. This gadget is capable of handling 30 pieces at a time or more. It can help you produce materials like leaflets and pamphlets through the binding process. It puts staples into sheets of paper to fasten them together.

In this article, we are going to look at the five best saddle staplers in the market. We are also going to look into their productivity and efficiency.

1. Bostitch No-jam Booklet Stapler B440SB

This binding machine uses ordinary staples to put together about 20 pieces at a go. It is a unique and simple machine that you can use to produce brochures or pamphlets. This machine lasts a long due to its metal-designed materials. It is completely metallic by nature, hence expected to serve you long. It is also simple to use and easy to work with. It is also a phenomenon in saving time due to its quick nature. With this gadget, your need for quality booklets and catalogs is well catered for.

2. Rayson SH-03 Heavy Duty Stapler

This machine has the capability of doing both saddle binding and flat binding. You can choose the mode to work on between the two. Switching between modes is very easy and simple. The stapling thickness for this machine is 6mm or less. This gadget is light and capable of being carried around comfortably. It is capable of working on 60 pieces at a time. Its flat stitching ability is so huge and unmatchable.

Rayson is the best for heavy production and high-quality binding. It has a handle that allows you to take it to any place of choice. With this machine, you can work in any environmental condition or situation. It has triple pack staples of 23/6 type. Though its price is higher compared to other stapling machines, it can give you good service.

3. Rapid 106A Electric Saddle Stapler

This stapling machine is electrically powered. It is used to bide materials like clipboards, books, packaging items as well as papers. It is clamped at the edge of a raised platform, which is convenient to perform its tasks. The installing process is quite simple. Ensure you clamp it firmly to avoid operational inconveniences, injuries, or destruction. If you want to mount it somewhere else, it is easy to unclamp and move it to a position of your choice. Being a power-driven machine, this device is run by prime movers like an electric motor. It is capable of handling 40 pieces at a go.

When power-starting this machine, you can either use a stepping pedal or a switch. The machine is easy to understand and run. If you want flat binding or saddle binding; both can be carried out in this stitching machine. Several staplers can be joined together to perform a ganging operation. It has a device that enables you to use several staplers at a go. Though the price is higher compared to other stapling machines, you will get value for your money.

4. Staplex SS-45NHL Capacity Electric Saddle/Flat Stapler

Like Rapid 106A, this machine handles 40 pieces of 20 papers at a go. You can run this device with high-velocity staples only. This machine has a pedal-operated switch like Rapid 106A. You can carry this machine or move it for positioning. It is also capable of doing both flat and saddle stitching. This device enables you to stitch papers along the edge by the use of electric power. It is made of metallically durable material.

5. TFCFL Saddle Stapler

This machine can accommodate more than 200 staples without the need for nail replacement. It is simple to use and handle. It is very useful in mass production. It is capable of joining together 50 pieces with a tool of 100mm deep. Both saddle and flat stitching can be done here. The starting process is by footswitch pedal.