The Best Games To Play With Your Remote Team on Virtual Happy Hours

While traditional teams have opportunities to bond outside of work hours, people who work from home don’t, especially if team members live in various time zones. Fortunately, supervisors can address this issue by scheduling virtual happy hours. If you want to boost the comradery among your coworkers, load up a virtual background with logo graphics and check out the following games.

Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games is a series of multiplayer video games designed for large groups. You can play over the internet, making it perfect for remote teams.

Every release of Jackbox Games has new, innovative games for everyone to enjoy. The following are some of the most popular:

  • Quiplash
  • Trivia Murder Party
  • Job Job
  • Fibbage

One thing to keep in mind is that while Jackbox Games isn’t particularly risque, some of the questions lend themselves to less-than-professional answers. To avoid this issue, turn on the “family-friendly” filter and set expectations about what people can and cannot write.

Team Member Trivia

Trivia games are excellent ways for new teams to get to know each other. Since trivia covers a variety of topics, people get to know their team members’ strengths and interests, giving them more ways to connect.

In most trivia games, people gather into two or more teams. You can make the experience even more exciting with visual indicators of each team. For example, you can customize Zoom background graphics so everyone can easily tell who’s on their team.

Werewolf/Witch Game

This game has many names:

  • Werewolf Village
  • Witch Hunt
  • Mafia
  • Murder in the Dark

Though the moniker varies, the basic rules remain the same:

  • One member of the group is the murderer.
  • No one except the murderer knows who the murderer is.
  • During the “night” cycle, the murderer “murders” another player, taking them out of the game.
  • During the “day” cycle, players try to figure out who the murderer is and potentially vote out members they suspect.
  • The game ends when the other players catch the murderer or only the murderer remains.

Town of Salem, an online version, adds special abilities to make the game even more engaging.


Pictionary is a classic for a reason — it’s easy to learn, and even failure can lead to fun moments. Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of free games that utilize the Pictionary premise:

  • Quick Draw
  • io
  • Drawsaurus
  • io

Jackbox Games also has Pictionary-like games. If your team likes to switch things up frequently, purchasing a Jackbox Games Party Pack may be the better option. On the other hand, Pictionary clones are free, ensuring you have more in the team budget for other activities.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Many in-person teams visit escape rooms since these exercises require everyone to work together to achieve a goal. Virtual escape rooms replicate this premise online.

A virtual escape room provides a 3D space for coworkers to explore for clues. Most have a theme:

  • Murder mystery
  • Haunted house
  • Maze

If you take this route, talk with your team beforehand to choose a theme everyone likes.

In addition to building bonds between your team members, virtual happy hours are a time to have fun. Between looking for office background free graphics, meeting deadlines and communicating expectations, work can get overwhelming. An hour of games reduces stress, helping your team reset and refresh.

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