The Basic Steps to Get Married in Dubai and Live Happily Ever After

Dubai, UAE is an excellent choice for a destination court wedding and that’s for a number of great reasons! This includes the fact that court marriage in Dubai proves an opportunity in escaping to an absolutely stunning location and spending quality time with loved ones and friends, all the while enjoying the start of a great marriage.

There’s lots of perks to having a court marriage in Dubai. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the steps to do just that! Read on.

Step 1: Get engaged!

After you have been serious with your partner for a while, try bringing up the subject of court marriage in Dubai. If he or she reacts favorably, then you are most definitely in the clear! You have the go signal to propose. If you will be the one who will do the proposal, try something grand like having a plane write “Will you marry me?” in the sky. An alternative is just getting down on your knee and asking your partner straight out. Of course, you should not forget about the ring!

Or if you are not the one who will propose, simply keep hunting up until he does ask you. Then, all you need to do is accept the proposal and you’re officially engaged! An engagement can last for as long or as short as you want. There are even those that last minutes. It will be up to you and your partner. The proposal is a crucial step before a couple plunges into the complicated and full-fledged procedure of getting married in Dubai.

Step 2: Gather the legal requirements.

This will be the most extended part for any marriage in Dubai. Most couples choose to hire specialists on court marriage in Dubai to help sort out all of the necessary paperwork. Take note: court marriage in Dubai, although quicker and much cheaper, will require the submission of the following documents to set a date with a marriage officer from the Ministry of Justice’s Marriage Department:

  • Proof of current marital status – proof of you and your future spouse’s current marital status can be certification of no impediment to marriage, final divorce decree, legal separation paperwork, or the death certificate for a widow or widower.
  • Proof of identity, residency, and age – it’ll be necessary for a couple to prove that they are old enough in getting married in Dubai, that they are who they say they area, and that they live where they say they live. IN order to prove the identity of an applicant for marriage, birth certificate, passport, and emirates ID would have to be provided to the local authorities. Only one party to a marriage should have a valid residency in UAE. In general, couples who are planning on having a Dubai court marriage should be at least eighteen years old. However, those who are eighteen to twenty-five years old have to provide certification of parents’ approval.
  • Premarital medical examination – both parties to a Dubai court marriage have to take premarital medical tests. Tests will check for the most common genetically-acquired blood disorders such as thalassemia and sickle cell anemia; and infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. A premarital screen aims in giving medical consultation with the odds of transmitting diseases to a spouse and children and to provide options which will help plan for a healthy family.
  • No objection certification – the certification must be from the employer or sponsor of the party with valid residency in UAE (for government employees), and the non-Muslim father of a Muslim bride
  • Presence of two male witnesses and father of the bride during the wedding ceremony
  • Duly completed marriage application form

Take note: there may be a need for attestation of the legal documents from all concerned government departments, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE embassy. It’s best to consult with experts on Dubai court marriage for more information and assistance in processing the legal requirements.

Step 3: Set the date for the wedding and plan for the day.

After gathering all of the legal requirements and securing the approval of the local authorities to get married in Dubai, you can then set the date for the wedding and plan the occasion! Most bride want at least a year for the wedding planning and preparations. If you are ok with something small and intimate for a wedding, we suggest you go that route. After all, there isn’t any definite way in getting married in Dubai, UAE. What we suggest is you set the date for the wedding that you and your partner and both of your families agree on.

On the day of the wedding, make sure you, your partner, the witnesses, and the father of the bride go to the location on time! If you want more information, call in Dubai Court Marriage today!

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