Taking the Plunge: Renovations to Make Your Bathroom Baby Friendly

Bringing a bub into your world changes everything, doesn’t it? One day you’re living in a grown-up house, and the next day you’re seeing hazards at every turn. Particularly in the bathroom. But fear not! Creating a baby-friendly bathroom through thoughtful renovations is simpler than you might think.

Let’s take a look and show you how you can make your bathroom suitable for the little ones in your household.

Mapping out the Danger Zones

Before taking to the renovations, you’ve got to spot the dodgy bits. Think about sharp corners, slippery tiles, and all those inviting cupboards filled with not-so-inviting chemicals. Our little mates are curious, aren’t they?

Door Latches: Keeping Curiosity at Bay

So, let’s start with the door. It’s not just about keeping bub out when you’re trying to have a shower in peace. It’s about preventing those unchaperoned explorations. Install a safety latch or lock that your little ankle-biter can’t reach or figure out.

Keeping Things Cool with Tap Temperatures

Alright, next up is scalding. That’s a real worry with little ones. Best to reset your hot water thermostat to about 48.8 degrees Celsius (no more than 120 Fahrenheit for the old school). Even better, fit your taps with anti-scald devices. These little wonders cut the water flow if it gets too hot.

Bathtub Business: No Slip-ups Here

When it’s bath time, there’s fun to be had. But we need to keep it safe, too. Lay down a nifty non-slip bath mat and use a baby bath seat. A word to the wise here – only fill the tub enough to cover their chubby little legs. Keep a watchful eye, always.

Toilet Training Starts with Toilet Safety

In the realm of baby curiosities, the toilet is the king. So, let’s tame it with a toilet lid lock. These handy gadgets stop the lid from being lifted, keeping your bub safe and your toilet clean.

Cupboard and Drawer Dangers: Lock ‘em Up

What’s behind door number one? Best not to let bub find out. Those lower cabinets and drawers need baby-proof locks. This way, your household cleaners and personal products stay out of sight and out of little hands.

Watch out for Electrical Appliances

Here’s something easy to forget. Those electrical cords and appliances need to be out of reach. After use, unplug them and tuck them away safely, cords and all. Keep this in mind when it comes to stylish bathroom remodelling solutions to keep your little one safe and sound while in the tub.

Softening the Edges: No Sharp Corners

And lastly, those sharp corners. Ouch! Let’s cover them up with corner protectors. These soft bumpers can be attached to any pointy surface, giving you peace of mind if bub takes a tumble.

Ready, Set, Change: A Safe Nappy Area

Now, let’s put a cherry on this baby-friendly bathroom cake with a secure nappy changing area. Keep all the must-haves at arm’s reach, but make sure they’re out of reach for your little one. You don’t want bub grabbing for the talcum powder in the middle of a change!

Encouraging Your Baby Enjoy Bath Time

In conclusion, with a bit of careful planning and a few key renovations, you can transform your bathroom into a safe, baby-friendly haven. As you journey through the wonderful world of parenthood, you’ll find that creating a safe environment for your bub to explore is not just important, but also rewarding.

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