Stress is Linked to Acne? Click Here to Find Out More!

If you’re having a bad day or even a bad week and spots start appearing in the usual place your acne springs up, you might assume that there’s someone in this world that has it in for you. However, you decided to click here, which means that you have an inkling that there’s more to it than that.

That’s actually the truth of the matter, as there’s a very real link between what sort of time you’re having. More to the point, it’s to do with the amount of stress you have in your life. By reading on, you’ll find out why stress is one of the biggest acne drivers despite only a few being aware of it. 

The Role That Cortisol Plays in the Acne Cycle

The thought that led you to click here on this article is well-founded, as it’s allowed you to discover the big part that stress plays – or should we say cortisol, the stress hormone. This powerful compound acts, along with the extra production of androgens like testosterone, to influence the skin’s sebum glands.

The result of this is too much oil on the skin, which feeds into the acne cycle and combines with dead skin and bacteria to cause those troublesome skin eruptions. Interestingly, stress impacts women more than men in this regard, largely due to the fact that their male hormones come straight from their adrenal glands. 

Conversely, most of a man’s testosterone comes from their testicles, and it’s at a much lower rate than is seen when the adrenal gland is triggered. When men experience stress, their bodies also create testosterone, but it’s just a click here and a click there – nothing like at the same levels. 

How to Tell If You’re Getting Overly Stressed 

It’s vital that you understand how to spot the signs that you’re experiencing stress. Even though these symptoms are often quite pronounced to the outside observer, they can be harder to spot when they’re happening to you. Some of the most common signs of stress include:

  • Getting frustrated more easily than usual
  • More difficulty than normal relaxing
  • Fatigue that just won’t go, regardless of how much sleep you’ve had
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Susceptibility to colds and flu
  • Frequent upset stomachs
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Racing/disorganised  thoughts

Of course, these symptoms in isolation can have other root causes. However, when you experience one or more, the likelihood that you have heightened stress levels is high. 

We’re Glad You Decided to Click Here & Read Our Blog

So, if you want to battle your acne breakouts while also enjoying more tranquillity and peace in your life, then you should do what you can to keep your stress levels low. The truth is that stress isn’t very good for the body and happens to be one of the biggest killers – being closely associated with heart attacks, angina and chest pains. 

Lowering your overall stress levels will minimize the amount of cortisol and androgens in the bloodstream, helping to prevent frequent pimple breakouts. Not only that, but doing so is also likely to make you healthier.

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