Step-By-Step Procedure To Set Up Your Minecraft Server

You’ve undoubtedly been sucked into the world of Minecraft – if you have stood gaming online for any length of time. Minecraft is entertaining, but what if you want to change the game rules and invite your friends to participate in the fun?

Set up your own minecraft servers as a solution. We’ll show you how to make your own Minecraft server down below. It’s a tiny technique, but if you’re ready for a challenge, continue to read.

Requirements for a Minecraft Server

To operate Minecraft Server, you’ll need the following system requirements:

  • A desktop or server running Windows 10
  • It suggests that you have at least 4GB of RAM.
  • A dependable wired network connection is required.
  • Minecraft may require up to 100MB per person every hour of Internet connection,
  • An unlimited bandwidth package gets recommended.

Installing and Configuring the Server Instructions for Windows

You may start setting up your game minecraft servers once your PC is ready. We’ll go through how to install the server on Windows. As you’ll see below, installing the Minecraft server on your Windows PC is a simple procedure.

Update Java:

You must have the most recent version of Java installed for the server to function correctly. To check if your system is running the current version of Java, go to the download page.

Install the Server:

Go to the download page and look under the ‘Multiplayer Server’ section for the.jar file. Create a separate folder on your computer for all of the server files.

Setup the Server:

All you have to do on Windows is double-click the downloaded file to build all the necessary files and access the server.

You must accept the user agreement for the server to function correctly. Look for eula.txt in the a.txt file. Change ‘eula=false’ to ‘eula=true’ in the file. You’ll be good to go after you’ve saved the file.

Start Your Server

Now it’s time to launch your server!

Double-click “Run.bat,” and the server gets started.

A popup window will appear with knowledge concerning your server. As long as this window is open, your server will be up and running, and players will be able to connect!

Invite Your Friends to Participate

You’re probably ready to invite your pals to join in the fun after designing and installing your server. Depending on how the users access the server, we’ve included three possible ways to connect to it below.

1. Use the same machine and server.

If you’re playing on the same system as the server, go to the game screen and pick the ‘Multiplayer’ option. Then, instead of an IP address, write ‘localhost.’

2. Use the same network to connect.

Users connected to the same Internet connection as you can use your internal IP address to connect. To locate this, open a command prompt and run ‘ifconfig.’ Look for the address that follows ‘ipv4’.

3. Connect with People Who are Out of Your Network

Any players you invite to play with you who are not getting connected to your local network will require your server’s IP address to connect to the game. For them to access the server, you’ll also need to port forward port 25565 to your server’s IP address.

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