Sports Predictions: Real Benefits And Myths

Modern bookmakers have greatly simplified the gambling process for customers. Each company has a website where you can place bets at any time of the day without leaving your room. For mobile phone users, there are adapted site versions available and applications that provide a comfortable game via the phone. It will not be difficult for a beginner to find training materials, and modern online tools make it much easier to analyze and search for coefficients. You can even bet with the help of other people’s tips. For example, today’s football predictions on are available to everyone even without registering on the site.

Many share their opinions about upcoming sporting events. Experts who regularly analyze future matches and competitions can be divided into several categories:

  • popular athlete or coach;
  • famous sports journalist;
  • an artist or other media person who is a fan;
  • professional analyst.

Representatives of the first three groups can usually be found on the websites of the bookmakers themselves, sports portals or sites that cover events from the world of betting. They share their predictions for free. Their main task is to attract the interest of fans, to encourage them to make a bet.


The reflections of such experts can provide valuable information for a gambler. The quality of the analysis depends on the expert’s experience and attitude to sport. The opinions of professionals are often very interesting, as they can touch on points that ordinary fans do not even think about. However, it is worth remembering that these are just tips from amateurs who do not bear any responsibility for their words.

Forecasts from professional analysts

On some platforms, the services of professional players (cappers) are available, providing free advice on sports betting. They receive a salary there or a percentage of the income of the site. Cappers share their vision of upcoming matches, provide statistics and useful facts, and make predictions. Statistics are kept for each analyst so that clients can evaluate its effectiveness.

Today, football predictions on and other similar sites are available for free. There are also enough offers from cappers on the Internet who are ready to share information for money. Among them there are successful professionals, however, it is quite difficult to find such a “curator”. But in this case, the forecaster is not responsible. A gambler can refuse only his services in the future. No one will return the money, although some promise.

As with free expert predictions, tips from cappers can be helpful as a way to get more information. You need to make a decision about the bet yourself, based on your own knowledge and a thorough analysis of the pre-match handouts.