SLOTXO Review of Winter Sweets Fruit and Candy Slot Game

Slotxo auto Winter Sweets slot game designed to be cute and cheerful. About fruit and candy, the prize is so easy to break that it is almost unbelievable and the prize money is very high with a multiplier of up to 100 times.

This game has a very easy way to play that is. All games on the screen can be paid for anywhere on the screen. WITHOUT LOGIN TO LINE Like other games, this wins payouts with fixed payouts based on the number of players that Players are set to receive rewards. And the new winner will surrender. This means that with each spin the player has the right to win more than 1 time.

This slot game pays out winnings. According to the specified payment rate with that number of symbols and when winning the winning symbol will disappear. And a new symbol will fall in its place. This means in each rotation Players are eligible to win more than 1 prize.

The best slots games to make money from SLOTXO support all mobile phones.

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  • Winter Sweets Slotxo Game has a total of 5 lines, 6 reels.
  • Winter Sweets
  • The game has 5 lines, 6 reels.

This slot game consists of 5 rows and 6 reels. Meaning of reels and rows, the theme of the game is about water in the desert. Including the animals that live in that area

  • Winter Sweets
  • Slot control buttons
  • The control buttons consist of
  • Zoom and enlarge button to play in full the screen in the computer and the mobile phone cannot be enlarged.
  • Settings button (cog marks) for various game settings.
  • Mute button
  • Spin history view button
  • List of bets per line
  • Buy Button Free Spins (Power)
  • Button to play the game automatically (Auto)
  • Balance (Balance)
  • Items Confirmed per spin (Spin) each time
  • Winter Sweets
  • Settings for playing
  • Various playback settings easily

Choose an amount, bet per line then let’s go with this game. The simple menu just presses the green button, press spin, with POWER function, buy mode, free spins, including an AUTO button for gamblers who don’t like to press buttons often. Can set the value for the system to press Come and win big prizes with Joker

Winter Sweets Bet from 0.10 baht

The slotxo ฝาก 5 บาท ฟรี 99 บาทล่าสุด game can set the betting limit. As the players want the maximum bet is 10 baht per spin. And the lowest bet value of this game Bet from 0.10 baht Winter Sweets I would like to take you all to a sweet winter. A sweet winter with many rewards awaits you. Before playing Winter Sweets, we take a look at the bonuses, let us know that any symbols that are uniquely different on each reel will also trigger a bonus.

In-game symbols

There are many different multiplier symbols in this slot game such as lollipop symbol (SCATTER), yellow candy symbol, purple candy symbol, green candy symbol, blue candy symbol, apple symbol, peach symbol, watermelon symbol, symbols. Grape and banana symbol each symbol will award a different prize. In betting starting from only 0.10 baht

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GENERAL  & TUMBLE FEATURE Slot Winter Sweets is a new slot game format. The layout of the pay lines in this game is quite unusual. Or it can be called no line because the winning of the game will be counted according to the number of symbols displayed

Free spins and wagering bonuses

FREE SPINS: A special feature that appears in this slot game. If more than 4 scatter symbols or lollipops appear, you will receive a 10 free spins bonus within the free spins of the Winter Sweet slot game. There will be a golden grenade appearing, in which this bomb will have multipliers ranging from 1-100 times, hidden in it. Join the fun experience and win a bonus multiplier 100 times.

Bonus during play

In the upper-right corner of the screen. This part of the bonus payout will be shown and will continue to happen. During gameplay, the game will be stopped. And the Gaming World icon will spin, indicating that the bonus is being randomly distributed. To the players at that time, this means that every game in SLOTXO has a random bonus at any given time. And everyone playing games at the same time with us at that time will have the right to receive bonuses for everyone, all of which will be caused by the system’s random bonuses.

It consists of a Grand Bonus, a Minor Bonus, a Major Bonus, and finally a Mini Bonus which is a big payout. That if we continue to play any game we will be eligible for this award. If a player receives a bonus from the total random bonus so-called a big bonus the profit is worth it.

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