Sky88 ignites excitement with thrilling big and small game options

Sky88 has a large number of members participating in betting. The green nine betting game with six-sided cube-shaped dice received a strong love from the betting community. The information on how to play, share the experience of playing poker and always win will be sent to you by SKY88 in the article below.

1.Learn about SKY88 what is the fainting?

The over and under bet game at the SKY88 house has simple rules, an attractive exchange rate, and a commitment to pay a ripe green reward. The bookie offers many different types of bets: bet on Over and Under based on the total score of 3 dice. There is also the form of betting 2 or 3 dice with an equal score. The payout percentage for each type of bet is also different.

Find out what is SKY88 betting and fainting?

SKY88 is committed to prestige, betting game with a large number of players participating. The top-quality bookmaker receives the trust and support of a large number of bettors. The game has a variety of betting options, public and transparent results, which are always appreciated.

2.Instructions on how to play the popular SKY88 casino

Details of the wagering forms in the rules of over and over at the SKY88 house will be shared and revealed as follows:

2.1 Bet on over and under

SKY88 over and under with the most basic way of playing is betting on over and under. After the Dealer (representative of the dealer) shakes 3 dice, the player makes a decision to bet on one of the over and under. Determine the winner of each door as follows:

The door to win: The total score of 3 dice is from 11 to 17.

Underdog wins: The total score of 3 dice is from 4 to 10.

The ratio of SKY88 to over and under under this basic bet form when winning is 1:1. In the event of a losing bet, the player loses the entire amount previously wagered. And if the result is 3 identical dice, the same number, whether the bet is over or under, it will be counted as a loser.

2.2 Betting on specific matching pairs

Playing SKY88 over and under with identical duo bets is also quite popular. When two of the three dice after rolling have the same score, the bet wins. Exchange rate 1:11, for example: bet 100K, win 1,100K instant bet.

However, you need to choose a specific matching pair, winning only when 2 dice have the correct number of points that you initially selected. For example, bet on the same pair is 2, if the result of the same pair is 3 ⇒ lose the bet.

2.3 Unified Triple Bet

The most attractive payout ratio when participating in SKY88 over and under is the identical triple bet, the chance to eat 1:30. Of course, the probability of a reward is also relatively rare. Unlike the identical duo bet, the identical triple bet allows the player to bet when any identical triple occurs. In the case of a specific identical triple bet, the payout ratio is now 1:180.

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3.Experience in playing SKY88 over and over from longtime players

In addition to the 3 types of bets as shared above, the SKY88 house also offers many other betting methods: total bets, pair bets, number bets with extremely large and extremely attractive payout ratios. In order to win the SKY88 betting game, besides the luck factor, you need to apply some of the following strategies.

Experience of playing SKY88 over and over from longtime players

3.1 Techniques to hit quickly in the game of fainting

Many long-time bettors have successfully applied the technique of rushing in online betting. The gameplay is simple but requires players to have a strong enough capital to be able to continuously double their bets until they win. VD:

Game 1: Bet 50K on the big door ⇒ lose the bet.

Game 2: Double your bet to 100K, bet over ⇒ lose the bet.

Game 3: Continue the door, the amount is now 200K ⇒ lose the bet.

Game 4: Be loyal to a single door and double your bet to 400K ⇒ lose your bet.

Game 5: Bet 800K on the big door ⇒ win the bet.

Game 6: Return to the original 50K bet and choose over or under, continue to double your bet in the next game until you win.

3.2 Analyze the dice table, identify the sign of the dice

SKY88 provides you with detailed information about the history of the dice table. From there, based on the results of previous bets to find out the rules, recognize the signs of the bridge and choose the correct bet door, improving the chances and probability of winning.

If 2-3 consecutive bets give the same result, it is recommended to apply that result to hit the shuttlecock and make analysis and predictions for the next game. For example: 2 games are out of the door, this is a sign of bad luck, showing that the next bet is likely to continue to explode.


Thus, we have just learned about how to play and the secret to playing SKY88, always winning. Hopefully the information shared above will bring useful betting knowledge for newcomers.

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