Signs You Need To Change Your HOA Management Company in Chandler

The HOA board members hire HOA management companies to take care of various HOA-related work, such as the finances, enforcement of rules, making decisions for the betterment of the community, checking on maintenance issues, etc. Management companies are supposed to better the HOA as a whole and solve problems. However, sometimes it may fail to do so. 

While management companies need large-sized communities, not all of them are qualified to do the work correctly. If you are faced with inefficient management and daily problems, it may be time to change your Chandler HOA management company. Here are a few signs that indicate a replacement. 

Signs You Need To Change Your HOA Management Company 

  • Low-quality service. 

This may appear as an obvious reason. However, many people do not realize that they are provided low-quality service. Low-quality service indicates frequent problems in the HOA, blunders in financial issues such as increasing budget in the middle of the year, maintenance issues, etc. An inexperienced team will cause more problems than solve. 

  • Unable to complete promised projects. 

Your HOA management company is supposed to analyze the problems in the community and fix them as soon as possible. However, their managerial skills are not up to the mark if they cannot complete minor duties, such as replacing the old park benches or repairing the street lights.

  • Poor communication skills. 

Do you have to wait three business days before you can get a reply to your email to the HOA management company? The secret to a well-maintained community is communicating well with your management company and being aware of every step they take. However, if they are unresponsive, do things without informing the board, do not communicate with vendors, residents, and others, they give you a good reason to look for another company. 

  • Hidden costs. 

When you hire a management company, you are required to sign a contract that mentions all the services you will be getting and the rates you will pay for them. However, if they start charging extra money that is not on the contract, you need to be alert. Financial transparency is one of the essential traits of an HOA management team. If your company does not send you details of where your money is spent, it is a significant warning sign. 

  • Homeowner complaints. 

The ultimate goal of hiring an HOA management company is to increase the quality of life in the HOA and keep the homeowners satisfied. If you keep receiving continuous complaints from them, that should be your first sign. Some residents may even complain about having disputes with the staff. 

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