Shop International Brands just in few clicks

When the whole world is living online, why not the most updated fashion industry? Online shopping is the recent buzzword for any fashion freak. NNNOW is the e-commerce platform that provides the world’s best fashion brands, in a single window. You can do your virtual shopping from wherever you are. You can order everything online from countless e-commerce service providers. Each competes with others in a lot of ways starting from the kind of products, availability, prices, discounts, customer service, return policy, and many more. NNNOW leads the group by providing uniqueness in all the features of an e-commerce business. You can select any item you like from the largest ranges maintained by us in each category.  

You can log into our website or app and shop starting from apparel to footwear. The online platform which we provide helps you to shop based on your sheer convenience. You can take your own time while shopping without any worry of shuttering down the shops. You can do window shopping whenever you want. Our carting system allows you to pick your favorite item and keep it until you buy it on your bucket list.

Fashion Ranges:

NNNOW does not only offer a variety of products but also provides an international presence in all the products, be it apparel, cosmetics, personal care, or even footwear. NNNOW is a happy official partner for a few of the best International brands like the U.S. Polo Assn., Flying Machine, Ed Hardy, Aeropostale, Sephora, GAP, True Blue, Arrow, GANT, and Unlimited.  

At NNNOW one can select a complete fashion outfit including innerwear, tops, bottoms, cooling glasses, lipsticks, Bags, face masks, etc.  We offer the best price for all the products and breath-taking special discounts on select products depending on the demand and market trends. 

We keep adding variety to each product category such that one will feel like visiting our (online) store for the first time and view the range of products for the first time. 

Technologically upgraded:

NNNOW provides the best experience of shopping for all the brands at the same place, which is not possible anywhere else. Its exclusive partnership with all those international brands and also its off-line stores present across the major cities of the country helps it quickly link the demand of the customer to the product to make it delivered to the customer.  

Being digital gives you a lot more options to be more innovative. NNNOW is one of the best to use the technology to upgrade its features from time to time and give the best experience to our customers. Even if you don’t know the size which you have to buy for any particular product, we have a fit guide facility to help you find the product which fits you perfectly. 

We use the latest technology trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to customize the way the products are presented to each customer based on his/her needs, interests, lifestyle, and fashion trends. 

No age bar for fashion:

From born kids to grown-up adults, NNNOW provides all fashion needs. Fashion is not only for women, but we also make men and older people trendier with our latest products irrespective of gender and age. Without moving away from the traditional way of dressing, fashion is brought into individuals by presenting the existing ethnic dresses most fashionably. 

We provide the most user-friendly service on our platform which helps you to not make an error at any stage of the purchase. You can easily log into our platform by the app on your mobile or website on your computer. One-time login is enough for us to remember you. We will provide the best shopping in front of you every time you visit us.

Presence across the country:

When you go online, you must maximize your presence to be available across the country. NNNOW does this not through outsourcing or agencies. The complete business is done by NNNOW directly. Our exclusive branded stores across 200 cities help to address the needs of our customers. 

So, this brings another unique feature that other e-commerce platforms don’t provide, which is you can shop offline with us as well. Our exclusive branded stores in your city will provide you with the best shopping experience. Locate a store near you by entering pin code and your favorite brand.

Seamless service:

Our NNNOW model may be similar to other services, but we have tried to be unique in several aspects. Right from the moment you log in and start shopping, we have ensured a trouble-free environment to give you the best shopping experience. You can navigate to any product during any stage of the purchase and come back to your previous category or brand. 

We guarantee 100% originals and have no error for duplicates. All the products are sourced directly from the branded shops near your address. In case if few are not available near you, the same will be sourced through any of our stores across the country. In that case, all your orders may not be delivered in a single parcel.

You can track the order until it reaches you. We don’t charge for delivery if the order is worth anything above Rs 1000. Except for Sundays, we deliver all days in a week at a time convenient for you as mentioned while checking out.

Bottom Line:

Keeping ourselves away and safe in the current pandemic situation, we at NNNOW keep you close to fashion and shopping without missing the charm, feeling, and experience of physical shopping. All our products are not only international standards but also the safest for everyone. One can expect the quality of the products and also the best service while you shop at NNNOW. We are working on the expectations of vast growing online customers to feed them the best brands in the world. Not only original products, but return products are also sanitized in the best possible way to make them pass our safety test every time they are shipped out. 

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