Shop for the perfect mattress for your bedroom this festive season

There are quite a few things that are important when it comes to bedroom furniture. From the dressing table to the bed, it is important that we prioritize our convenience and purchase the right items. One particular item we often ignore is the mattress. A good and well-maintained mattress can serve us for nearly a decade and this is often the reason why we overlook their importance. However, it is crucial that we keep changing the mattresses once every 7-8 years. Once you realize that the mattress is sagging or is losing its integrity, it is vital that you replace it with a new mattress.

Purchasing a new mattress is often a tedious and discombobulating affair. With the sheer amount of options in terms of brands, materials, sizes and thicknesses available to us, first-time buyers often find themselves stuck in limbo. Additionally, different individuals with different body compositions and needs require different types of mattresses. From the firmness of the single mattress to the materials used inside the mattress, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration before shopping for a new model.

This festive season provides the ideal opportunity for shoppers to purchase a new mattress. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, for instance, is offering items at eye-catching discounts and deals, while the Big Navratri Savings sale is extending cashback vouchers worth up to Rs. 5,000! If you are on the hunt for a new mattress, here are a few models you should definitely look into at the EMI Store.

Peps 8 Inch Grand Palais King Size Euro Top Spring Mattress RTUPGPBW (Brown, 78 x 72 Inch)

Best Peps mattress employs pocketed inner springs, which eliminate the possibility of sagging and thus ensure its durability. The Super Edge Plus attribute of this Peps mattress further keeps the mattress from ageing. Thus, you can remain assured about the mattress’s durability and longevity. Furthermore, the Eco Latex material used in the top layer absorbs the temperature, thereby keeping you cool and comfortable at all times.

Sleepfresh Nature Living 6 Inch High-Density Rubberised Coir Core King Size Orthopaedic mattress (Assorted, 84 x 72 Inch)

Sleepfresh as a brand is known to provide best-in-class mattresses, and this model is no different. It comes with a 6-inch thickness with a high-density rubberised coir core. Furthermore, the natural latex makes you feel like you are sleeping in the lap of nature, while the material keeps you cool and cosy at all times during the night. Considering this is an online orthopaedic mattress, this model is recommended for people suffering from chronic pain, joint pains, backaches or neck pain.

Centuary Pixel 7 Inch King Size High Resilience (HR) Foam Mattress (Grey, 78 x 72 Inch)

If you want to opt for a Centuary bed, then this Centuary high-resilience foam mattress should be your go-to option. The foam uses Centuary’s proprietary green gel foam, which keeps the temperature in check. This is extremely important, considering the fact that any changes in the temperature during the night can impact our sleep quality. Additionally, the profiled foam used in the mattress facilitates superior airflow, thereby providing greater comfort.

Durfi 10 Inch Organic Hemp King Memory Foam Mattress (Grey,78 x 72 Inch)

Hemp oil infused foam inherently provides numerous benefits. For instance, these mattresses are used as orthopaedic mattresses and help in alleviating anxiety and stress. Furthermore, they facilitate natural spine alignment and are natural pain relievers. These are also anti-bacterial and hence keep the bacteria and pests away. Durfi is also one of the leading mattress manufacturing brands in the country, and thus, you won’t have to fret about the quality or the durability of the model.

Sleepfresh Orthocare Plus 6 Inch High-Density Rubberised Coir Core King Size Orthopaedic mattress (Assorted, 84 x 72 Inch)

For people suffering from spine or back issues, this Sleepfresh Orthocare Plus mattress provides optimal care and comfort. This mattress is designed using a high-density rubberised coir core, which facilitates deep slumber. Furthermore, the memory foam used in these mattresses adjusts to your body contours, thereby lulling you into a deep and peaceful sleep. Considering this is a king-size mattress, you can easily sleep on this mattress with your partner and child.

You can avail eye-catching offers and deals on these mattresses this festive season if you shop from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. The Big Navratri Savings days will be followed by Diwali sales days, and during Navratri, you can get cashback vouchers worth up to Rs. 5,000 on your purchase. Additionally, you can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to pay for the mattress on No Cost EMIs, with flexible repayment tenors ranging from 3 months to 24 months.

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