Set the tone of your living room with these simple yet sublime design ideas

If your living room appears too monotonous and fails to stimulate your senses, then it is time to move forward and give your living room a fabulous makeover. Your living room is the heart of the space, and even if you don’t believe so, you do have to consider that it is one of the most important areas of your home. If you were to create a heatmap of your home, you would definitely find the members of your home spending a lot of time in the living room alone. Your living room can be instrumental in defining your home, and it is very important to decorate this part properly. The tricky part of designing your living room is that there are a lot of factors that can affect the way the space looks and feels.

The way you decorate your living room can also affect the aura of your home, and it is important to make sure that all the elements sit together beautifully. Your living room sets the tone of your entire space, and there’s absolutely no way you can go wrong with decorating this one space. The fact that your living room creates the first impression of your home for anybody who visits your home is reason enough to go all out with decorating the space. Your living room is capable of affecting your mood, and the best way to let the space exude good vibes is by making it resonate with your personality. Now there are many ways to do that, but we bring to you the easiest and most sublime tips and tricks to truly set the tone of your living room. Sit back and take a look.

Choose a statement lighting for your living room

Set a statement with lighting and make your living room bold and beautiful. This is the best way to start with setting the tone of your living room, as statement lighting not only becomes a stunning focal point in the space but also accentuates your overall ambience. There are a lot of lighting fixtures that can fit the bill, but none are as good as an overhead lighting design. Be it chandeliers, ceiling lights or pendant lights, these designs are just perfect for exuding that elegance in your space.

Accommodate vibrant colours in your living room

Be it your lighting fixtures, decorative elements, walls, flooring or furniture, you need to make sure that the colours are not too dull, as the living room can turn pretty sore for your eyes. Don’t go for colours that are too loud, as they can overshadow the design elements of your living room. Try going with shades of yellow, white, or orange, or you can alternatively go with earthy tones or neutral tones to give your space an edge.

Flaunt home decor that adds flavour to your living room

Like every lighting design or any design element of your space, home decor does have a purpose too. And figuring out that purpose is important before you adorn the space with home decor. Home decor is absolutely exceptional when it comes to setting the tone of your living room as you not only get another focal point for your space, but you let these design elements let your living room speak for itself and paint a story of its own.

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