Safest and most effective workouts for pregnant women


Medical experts around the world advise women who are pregnant to work out as often as they can. This is because regular exercise during pregnancy helps in the improvement of the woman’s health, reduces the chances of losing excess weight and delivery may be made easier and faster compared to when the woman just sits doing nothing during the whole pregnancy period. Moreover, exercise is beneficial to the mental health of the mother and it gives the newborn a healthy start. However, despite the obvious advantages, only a little percentage of pregnant women exercise.

According to recent research, physicians and gym professionals advise pregnant women to exercise for at least one hundred and fifty minutes within a week during and after pregnancy. That should mean that the woman exercises five times a week for thirty minutes. The exercise periods mustn’t be so long as to overwhelm the pregnant woman. If a woman was initially doing vigorous practice activities before the pregnancy, it is recommended that they keep on exercising as much. However, in such a case, they should check with their doctor to make sure that is safe to continue.

Examples of these easy, safe, and effective workouts for pregnant women. 

These are the most suitable pregnant activities since they carry little risk of injury, benefit the entire body and they can be done during the whole period of pregnancy until delivery. They include:

  • Brisk walking

A quick stroll in the compound is a good and easy way to start your exercise especially if you had not done any exercises before.To ensure safety, choose smooth surfaces while wearing supportive footwear to prevent falling and also avoid surfaces with potholes, rocks, and other obstacles. The main advantages of this exercise include:

  • Provision of cardiovascular workout that has little to no effect on the knees and the ankles.
  • It is a free exercise especially if the woman is working out from home.
  • It is an easy activity that makes it possible to walk any distance at any point of the pregnancy.
  • Friends and other family members can join in for company and motivation.
  • Swimming

Water aerobics, walking in water, and swimming are activities that allow movement of the body without actually exerting pressure on the joints. The buoyancy provided by the water helps offer relief from the extra body weight as the pregnancy progresses. To be safe, one should choose the swimming stroke/ style that does not cause strain and hurt to the shoulders, neck, and back muscles. Breaststroke is the most recommended style while pregnant while using a kickboard helps strengthen the leg and buttock muscles. Safety measures to put into consideration during this exercise include:

  • For balance and support, use the railing while entering and coming out of the pool to prevent slipping, falling, and other pool accidents.
  • Do not jump or dive as this could result in abdominal impact.
  • Avoid warm pools, hot tubs, and steam rooms to prevent the risk of overheating.
  • Stationary cycling

Spinning is another term used to refer to cycling on a stationary bike. It is a safe exercise for pregnant women and accommodates even first-time exercisers. Once you advance in the pregnancy, a higher handlebar may be more comfortable. The advantages of spinning include:

  • While cycling, the heart rate is increased and at the same time, there is stress relief in the joints and the pelvis.
  • Since the bike is stationary, there is little to no risk of falling off.
  • The stationary bike helps support the body weight.

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Workout for pregnant women that are preparing for labor.

Some exercises are specifically useful during pregnancy since they prepare the body for labor and delivery. They include:

  • Squatting 

This is an important exercise since it helps open the pelvis during labor. It is a simple procedure that involves standing with shoulder-width apart on the floor, lowering the buttocks down, and holding that position for ten to thirty minutes the slowly pushing up. It is better option for you to know about what does fupa mean?

  • Pelvic tilts

This exercise helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles and helps reduce back pain. Other related exercises include the kegel exercises which help in toning the muscles of the pelvic floor to help the woman push during delivery and reduce the risk of urine leakage after delivery.

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To conclude, pregnant women should partake in excising activities since they are important in maintaining their health and that of the baby. Here is the recommended exercise for you. 

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