SAFe® Certifications to Give Your Career a Boost

When it comes to implementing agile practices on an enterprise-level very few frameworks are as widely adopted as scaled Agile Framework or SAFe®. Even though SAFe® started as recently as 2011, it has seen steady growth over the years with its fair share of substantial changes and updates.

Although not as old as some other agile frameworks, SAFe® has seen a wide adoption over the years, with the majority of surveys claiming it to be the most widely used agile framework. According to a Forrester Survey on Global Agile Software Application Development over 33% percent of companies implement SAFe® worldwide, including 70% of the Fortune 100 companies.

With the demand of individuals certified in SAFe® skyrocketing, it has become a lucrative career option for many. As such we bring you some of our best picks for SAFe® certifications that can give a boost to your career.


Product Owner/Product Manager is a SAFe® certification that has met with quite an increase in demand over the years. POPM has the duty of managing tools and addressing backlogs, essentially making for a more efficient developmental team. POPMs are a key asset in the functioning of developmental teams in the IT industry, making them one of the most sought-after skills by companies. A certified POPM is offered salaries upwards of $100,000 annually. With a steady growth of 5% annually, demand for highly skilled POPM is at an all-time high and only seems to increase in the future.

The POPM certification process is essentially open to all and fairly simple with no particular prerequisites.

SAFe® Agilist Certification

SAFe® Agilist Certification is one of the leading SAFe® courses in the industry. It is considered by many to be the benchmark for Lean-Agile enterprises and is one of the best SAFe® certifications you can get right now. Based on the latest SAFe® 5, this certification has quite a demand among leading IT and Software companies. Individuals with this certificate can earn upwards of $96,000 annually, which only goes to show its demand in the industry. Top companies like Infosys, GCI, Syntel are among the top recruiters of SAFe® certified personnel.

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SASM is the abbreviation for SAFe® 5.1 Advanced Scrum Master and is a big leap in career for individuals looking for a career in SAFe® as a Scrum Master. Just like other SAFe® based certifications SASM has also skyrocketed in demand over the recent years and is among the top 6 emerging jobs in product development according to World Economic Forum. Certified SASM personnel can earn as much as $100,000 annually with an impressive 21% annual salary growth over the years. For more information visit this site:  lasenorita


SPC or SAFe® Product Consultant is the highest certification one can achieve in agile frameworks and SAFe®. This makes them highly valued and an indispensable part of any and every IT company. Apart from the IT and Software industry SPC’s are also needed in industries like energy, banking, and defense hinting their demand to appreciate over time. A skilled SPC can earn upwards of $125,000 annually and are employed by companies worldwide including the fortune 100.

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SAFe® is currently the industry leader and individuals with SAFe® certifications are handsomely paid. We recommend the above courses to individuals looking for a career in SAFe®. If you a searching for a agile product manager position at the moments, please check this page on Jooble

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