Running Late On Tax Payment? Here Is What You Can Do

Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, is the federal body that collects taxes and is responsible for dealing with irregularities. They have the power to track one down if he hasn’t paid his taxes in time or filed a false amount. Recently, IRS has been trying to make people more aware of their tax payments. Collecting huge taxes is impossible without popular support and willingness from the end of the citizens.

As a result, the IRS offers several options to those who can’t pay taxes in time. If you are running late with your tax payments, you can get an expert (like a tax lawyer in Encino) on your side to deal with the IRS. This post will discuss how you should deal with federal bodies like the IRS and crack deals in your favour.

Filing Taxes Within Permissible Time Is Better

Although the IRS now offers fresh programs for those who can’t file taxes in time, it is better to file your taxes well. Most people file their tax returns in time to avoid any complications. If you find it difficult to understand our country’s tax laws, you can take professional help. Many tax law experts (including an IRS tax audit attorney) are there to help you. You need to get an appointment to understand these better.

IRS Stand On Late Payments

When you file late taxes or don’t file any return at all, the IRS will send you a notice saying your delay. You can appeal and show them the reasons for your delay. If you have any valid reason, you can get some relief. But if you don’t have any proper reason, the IRS can impose a penalty on your debt or some extra interest.

Regardless of your reasoning, always keep in touch with the IRS and discuss with them the options they can give you for repaying your tax debt.

IRS has three major options to offer. They can provide you with an instalment option, an offer-in-compromise option or give you some extra time to pay your taxes.

Which Option Should You Choose

If you are already running late on your tax payment and looking for options, here are some of the tips for you-

  1. According to tax law experts, the instalment option is the best among the three.
  2. You need to pay monthly until your debt is cleared in the instalment option. Remember, IRS doesn’t offer everyone the option of instalments. You need to negotiate with them and show some valid reasons. You can hire a tax law expert to help you handle the IRS.
  3. Offer-in-compromise is when a taxpayer pays a wholesome amount less than his actual tax amount to settle all the debt. It is more of an agreement. Depending on the situation, IRS offers this deal to certain people.
  4. If you only need some extra time, you can say that to the IRS with proper reasoning. They will decide whether to allow it or not.

Get Expert Help

We have provided you with all the necessary information about late tax payments. It is a fact that most people feel uncomfortable dealing with the IRS. If you are one of them, please consult with an experienced tax law expert who can manage your problems and represent you in front of the federal body.

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