Rocket League Strategic Guide To Become The Best Player

Rocket League is an ultra-competitive game! To get started or to become the best player possible, follow this guide created with the kyojiNs pro player!

Rocket League had one of the best ratings that our editor could give! But what is Rocket League? Technically it’s football with cars, and players can design their battle-cars with various Rocket League items. Competitive, addictive, enjoyable… We lack words! And yet many can’t help but play it. It’s cool, only many are not good! Let’s say what it is, Rocket League requires mastery, dexterity … This is not a suitable game for casual players since you will quickly find yourself facing very good players. But don’t worry! Gamers Time has called on the French playerHugo “kyojiNs” B., having won several awards during Rocket League competitions! We will make you the player that no team can do without!

What You’ll Learn (or Discover) In This Rocket League Guide

Here are some tips and tricks found here and there in the jungle that is the web. But the vast majority of these tips come from our gaming experience, as well as that of kyojiNs. The key to becoming better (if not the best) on Rocket League is to remember the principle of football. If you know the basics of football, you probably won’t have any worries about applying these few tips. You will see that the rest is ultimately only common sense, and teamplay.

Master The Tutorials

The game offers two tutorials, one basic and one advanced. Play them both, and master them. Everything you learn will be more useful to you than you think. Remember the differences between each jump: the jump to shoot, clear the ball, make aerials …

“My advice to get off to a good start is to spend a lot of time in training. Try to achieve 80% in All-Star in all 3 modes. Also practice dribbling in free training mode”, explains kyojiNs. “What I also recommend is to play several seasons with the bots to start the game smoothly,” he continues.

The Choice Of Your Car

It is often forgotten, but each car has its own behavior, role and hitbox. The choice of your car is essential, since you have to try them all to find the one that suits your style of play. As kyojiNs explains to us. The most versatile car is the Dominus. The most maneuverable is undoubtedly the DeLorean and for those who do not have DLC which can be bought with Rocket League credits on in-game store, but who love aerial… it’s the Octane you need. She does her taff well from the beginning. After the player adapts his car to his style of play, the choice is more personal than anything else! If you want to trade one car with other players, check out the Rocket League trading prices first.

Don’t Foolishly Go For The Ball

We see this at almost every game, it makes you cry/laugh. The six cars (if you can call them cars) foolishly roll after the ball like angry chickens. Would you play football like that? No, so don’t play rocket league like that. The best thing to do is to stay away if the ball is contested between 2 cars and more. Take the opportunity to load your boost. The ball will be quickly ejected, and you will be ready to intercept it. And who knows, you’re probably going to clear the ball and score?

KyojiNs specifies that “for boosts you have to know one thing. An opponent without a boost is a fragile opponent! You have to take them all at the first opportunity, especially in 1 against 1! And even in all circumstances, never give the opponent a boost!”

Think, and Play as a Team

Make passes!

Do you know why the game gives you points when you put the ball back in the center? This is because making passes is part of the basics of football, therefore rocket league. If you have the ball, and are near a wall do not bounce it! You would risk centering it for the opponents and taking a goal. Instead, pass to a teammate in the center of the field. Even if there is no one, the ball could be lined up with the opposing cages. This will earn you points.

“For that, you have to work on your speed, which comes with time. I recommend that you dry the free game to learn how to chopper as much as possible”, explains kyojiNs. “Training and experience, there’s only that real in this game!”

Play as a Team!

Team play is vital. Playing with his friends makes it easier, but if you play with strangers he has other ways to do epic actions for the team. When you “spawn” near the cages, volunteer and play the goalkeeper: it is someone who releases the ball or tackles at the last moment to put the ball back into play. Stay at your post, don’t try to score on your own after defending. We have already played games where we have scored because the goal was thinking of himself in vein, and had deserted his position.

Know How To Defend and Attack When It Is Necessary

This is accompanied by the board above (play as a team). He is not ashamed to defend! Everyone wants so much to score 100 points and gain all the glory, but the games are made of defense, midfield and offense. Some will find it a malignant pleasure, in defending, to deprive the opponent of the ball he thinks he will score. If you are well placed in defense, have recovered the ball and no one is in front of you: go for it! A good defender can improvise by attacking if the time is judiciously chosen. In this kind of situation, you have to think carefully and anticipate the trajectory of the ball before hitting it. Above all, you have to pay attention to the movements of the teammates. It is just as important to take into account their movements as those of the opponents!

Watch The Ball, Do Not Roll It After

One of the characteristics of this game (and that makes it nervous at the same time) is the size and velocity of the ball. The way it moves makes it difficult to control and monitor. It’s even more complicated when all the cars rush around hoping to make a touch. You will certainly notice that 90% of the players who roll near the ball roll under/next to it: “it’s useless”, according to kyojiNs. The best thing to do is to delay. Wait, watch the move and hit at the right time. It’s kind of like an air combat actually.

A Doubt? Hit The Other Cars!

That’s what American football players do after all! “If you’re lost and don’t know what to do, hit someone. Anyone.” So yes it sounds funny, but it’s a tip that we can apply to Rocket League. If you suck but have fun, hit others! Not only is it useful but it discourages the opponent. Hit them enough times to destroy them and make them reappear. You will even earn points. Even if it makes you a toxic player, you should know that clearing the road for a teammate who hits can lead you to victory! Dismiss the defenders!

Use The Second Camera

The game offers you two types of views for the camera. The first one is your vehicle in rear view, like a traditional racing game. The second will make you fix the ball so that you always have it in sight. The latter is a little more complicated to use and master because you can’t play Rocket League using ONLY the first view (back of the car). If you really want to be effective, you need to learn how to make the best use of both modes.

Stay Calm During The Penalty Shootout, and in All Circumstances!

The game arrives in its most chaotic state when the ball arrives near the cages, but does not fit. Everyone plays around, the goal is only a hair away. It’s very tempting for everyone to take part in this battle, but you have to hold back! Defenders can sometimes score for their own purpose (and that’s a shame). While the attackers can deflect the ball that was going to score. If you don’t have a clear shooting angle, don’t shoot. Step away and let things happen instead of taking the risk of doing worse than better. Use your head! You will pass for a moron if you go to the ball, and you make it go into the air rather than scoring. Missing an easy shot is shame. Even your children will no longer dare to talk to you.

Avoid Walls

Yes, you can ride on the walls. From time to time you are obliged to do so. It’s cool but it’s better to avoid it in Rocket League. Unless you are an A++++ superstar on this game. Superstar who can make pirouettes, fly and do lots of cool stuff. But you are not, since you would not be here. Rolling on the walls only slows you down, it takes you out of the action and drives the camera crazy. Even worse, it disorients you.

Knowing How To Engage Is Essential

Each new round begins with a commitment. Commitment that can cost you victory if you do anything. The most infuriating thing is when the ball bounces straight into your goals, because you comrades weren’t there to defend. A goal on commitment, there is nothing more infuriating when you take it!

You’re Ready Now

That’s about it! Everything you read in this guide to Rocket League is borrowed from the basics of football. And that’s what makes the game so fun, competitive and nervous. What’s funny is to see that American players have really invested in the game and not necessarily because of the cars we explode! But for the reasons we find in football: the agony and ecstasy of scoring or not, the last-minute winners, the joy of scoring, not scoring.

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