Robert Thompson Music Sales Corporation Proud To Support Brooklyn’s Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls

In recent years, many schools have found themselves stripped of music funding, making it tough for kids to get the artistic education that they need to develop and thrive. Thankfully, organizations like Robert Thompson Music Sales Corporation are proudly supporting non-profits that promote the development of artistic talent in young people. Willie Mae Rock Camp is a Brooklyn-based non-profit that offers musical education and mentoring.

Willie Mae Rock Camp’s Mission

At Willie Mae Rock Camp, girls and gender-expansive children and teens are encouraged to participate in programs that help kids “explore the intersection of music, technology, and experimentation to spark curiosity and creative exploration through a social justice lens.”

The Camp recognizes that many voices have been silenced historically in the music world, and the organization is working to encourage and support kids in speaking up, learning more about music, and paving the way for other underrepresented children and teens.

Doing Things Differently

Robert Thompson Music Sales Corporation is proud to support Willie Mae Rock Camp for many reasons—including the fact that the organization is cognizant of how technology is changing the music industry and is encouraging kids to stay on top of the latest developments.

In addition to day camp in which kids and teens learn about songwriting, music software, electronics, and more, Willie Mae Rock Camp’s digital mentorship program allows cohorts of students to learn more about the science of sound. In the mentorship program, students build their own instruments, create their own music, work closely with experienced musicians, and use music production software to put the finishing touches on their work.

Why Music Education Matters

Music education is key for healthy development and learning, according to experts. Sadly, many schools have cut music and art programs in favor of dedicating more time to reading and math, as standardized testing in these subjects often determines school funding.

While music education does support academic performance, the importance of music goes far beyond boosting grades and test scores. Kids who receive an education in music also tend to be better at spatial reasoning, have better speech processing skills, and have a higher level of social and emotional intelligence than students who do not receive an education in music.

While some schools are starting to understand the importance of music and art education and re-implement programs to support student development, many kids and teens depend on non-profit programs like Willie Mae Rock Camp and supporters like Robert Thompson Music Sales Corporation to get the artistic education they need.

Willie Mae’s Legacy

Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton was a singer and songwriter who got her start as a traveling musician at just 14 years old. Known for penning hits like “Ball ‘n’ Chain,” famously recorded by Janis Joplin, and “Hound Dog,” recorded by Elvis Presley, Mae’s legacy lives on through Rock Camp students and supporters like Robert Thompson Music Sales Corporation.

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