Reasons why the electric air compressor stands out among other types of air compressors

In the ever-evolving industrialized world, air compressors are used in various ways, such as filling gas cylinders with clean air under high pressure and supplying moderate-pressure clean air to water divers. There are many air compressors, the electric air compressor being among the best.

What is an electric air compressor?

Unlike other types of air compressors, an electric air compressor uses an electric motor to convert power into potential energy stored as pressurized air. Typically, air compressors force more and more air into a container, thereby increasing the air pressure. When the container’s pressure reaches its engineered upper limit, it shuts off. The compressed air is held in the container under high pressure until called into use.

1. It is environment friendly

When using any modern technology, one factor to consider is its impact on the environment. The same thing applies when deciding the type of air compressor to operate. The advantage of an electric air compressor is that it does not release any waste gases which may be harmful to the environment. It is therefore environment-friendly.

Additionally, it produces no strong odor and vapor that may affect the user. The user t, therefore, as a conducive environment when using it. Furthermore, it does not spill any diesel fuels on the ground.

2. It is more economical

Using the electric air compressor saves more money. This is because electricity is much cheaper than diesel fuel. Additionally, the maintenance cost of an electric air compressor is lower than that of other compressors.

Despite being more reliable than other types of air compressors, the electric air compressor price in Kenya is much lower than others. It is quite affordable to many Kenyans.

3. Safety

The electric air compressor comprises fewer moving parts. This helps in enhancing the safety of the user. Additionally, it has a simplified way of operating. The probability of injury caused by the moving parts is much lower. Therefore, it is more convenient for users who are more concerned with their safety.

4. Less noise

There is less amount of noise accompanied by the use of an electric air compressor. Therefore, there is complete peace of mind for users greatly irritated by noise.

5. Cooler running temperatures

Electric air compressors achieve cooler running temperatures. This is in virtue of the fact that there are fewer moving parts that lead to higher temperatures due to friction.

6. Portability

While other compressors are designed to be permanently located, the electric air compressor is portable and can be used in different places. The other types, therefore, need air ventilators wherever they are located, which are unnecessary when using electric air compressors because one can move with them from place to place.


Electric air compressors will always outstand other compressors due to the many advantages, ranging from affordability to ease of use. When buying an air compressor, it is advisable to buy the electric one.

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