Reasons Why Bath Towels Play An Important Role In Your Child’s Hygiene

Messy hands, busy minds, territory markings, the list is endless! It’s almost impossible to predict what your beloved child will want to do or buy next. No doubt, their choices, like their minds, keep changing, and the last thing on their priority list would be anything hygiene related. While indulging in your child’s seasonal favourite is great (think of superhero linens, pyjamas with favourite cartoon characters, and the like), it’s important to consider other factors like hygiene and comfort of these as well. Especially when it comes to daily use items like children’s towels that are the most used throughout the day!

Protect Your Little Ones With A Hygiene Routine

The recent onset of the pandemic has reiterated the importance of hygiene. Whether by washing hands regularly with soap or wearing masks where appropriate. With kids being more prone to infections, it’s even more important to ensure they practise a regimen that keeps germs at bay. One of the best ways to protect your little ones is by encouraging a hygiene routine that keeps their body clean. A simple routine would look like this:

  1. Cleaning their body daily with soap
  2. Washing hands with soap, especially after using a washroom
  3. Brushing teeth twice a day
  4. Covering nose and mouth while sneezing
  5. Washing hands thoroughly after handling animals or shared toys
  6. Washing clothes regularly

Bath towels play an important role when it comes to hygiene routines too. Not only do they keep us warm and dry, but they can also be a source of bacteria if not kept clean.

Here’s how it can impact your child:

  • Increased risk of infections

As mentioned before, children are more prone to infections. This is owing to their developing immunity that fully kicks in only when they are 14 years old. Until then, their interaction levels are at their peak, and they either become carriers of bugs or eventually get infected by one. Not using the right type of towel can greatly increase the chance of these bugs spreading, sometimes even inducing rashes on the skin.

  • Low absorbency

Picked a bath towel on offer without checking quality? A low-absorbent towel is a recipe for disaster if you have an infant or toddler at home. They often urinate, spill water and love playing in puddles, leaving you no time to wipe the mess instantly, or maintain hygiene.

  • Unnatural materials

Materials with harsh chemicals can be bad for your child’s skin. With their skin just developing, wiping them down daily with a harsh towel can cause skin irritation.

Pick the best towels for your child

While it may seem quite easy to pick linen or towels for your kids (the obvious cartoon kids towels and colourful ones), there are a few points to keep in mind when selecting one:

  • Pure cotton

Children have soft and sensitive skin. When picking a bath towel for them, it is recommended to pick one that is 100% cotton and is soft for your child’s delicate skin. Pure cotton is also the best material for children who are prone to skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin etc. Cleaning cotton towels are also a breeze without requiring chemical detergents to keep them clean daily. Let your child’s skin breathe easily through the use of cotton towels post-bathing.

  • Dries quickly

We cannot highlight the importance of this enough! Chances are your little one has their hands deep in a sand pit while you go camping with them or is busy painting their own rendition of Rembrandt using their fingers on the beach sand. Considering your bundle of energy has multiple things they want to accomplish and is ready to move on to their next activity, the last thing you want is a soaking towel that needs to be packed after their wash up. Some of the best towels are those that can be washed as many times and dry quickly, too, especially when you are amidst travel with kids.

  • Absorbent

Ensure to purchase a kid’s highly absorbent bath towel. Keep your child warm and dry with a towel that can easily absorb water when drying your child. In addition, use the towel to soak up urine, vomit or other accidental spillages that could potentially reduce hygienic conditions.

  • Durable

Remember, bath towels are items that are used daily, sometimes even twice. It’s important to pick a durable bath towel lasting the many tugs your little one will have with it! Not to mention the many washes it will undergo too. Washing children’s bath towels regularly in hot water is a must to maintain hygiene and ensure no bugs are shared within a household. So, pick a towel that is durable and can last many cycles.

Brands like Wakefit make the above routine enticing for children with their range of cotton bath towels online to purchase. Buying a towel set specifically for your child and not shared by others also encourages independence and hygiene. If you struggle with bringing your child into the bathroom for a bath, it’s worth checking out colourful kid’s towel options that are eye-catching and sure to attract your kids. What’s more, if you have more than one child at home, you could easily colour-code them too!