Raha Name Meaning – Morden and Unique Baby Name

Parents of this generation want to name their babies with modern yet deep-rooted names in their culture, and modern baby names are the current trend. They want a unique name for their babies, not the commonly heard ones. However, selecting the right name for your to-be-born baby can be a fun yet challenging responsibility. The name you pick for the baby will carry their identity, and they might now question you when they are young, but when they grow older, they will ask you why you gave them a particular name. However, the name you choose for your newborn will not only be about them but also you and your version of your baby boy or girl.

Modern and Unique Indian Baby Boy Names that are raging today:

  1. Aadrik: Aadrik means “the sun rising between the mountains.” This name has a beautiful meaning, and you can name your baby boy Adrik if you want to see him as strong as the mountain but as beautiful by heart as the view of the rising sun.
  2. Aarav: Aarav is a popular name among Indian parents, not just because of its name but its meaning. Aarav means “wisdom” or “one who is peaceful.”
  3. Daksh: Babies are always precious to their parents, and if you want a name that defines that affinity Daksh is a good match. It means “precious son,” “talented,” or “excellent.”
  4. Dhruv: Dhruv name comes from the “Dhruv Tara,” the pole star. Like the pole star is one in a million, you can name your baby Dhruv to let them know they are one in a million.
  5. Eklavya: Eklavya was a loyal and brave student of Dronacharya and had historical importance in Indian Mythology. Not only is this name ancient and culturally rooted, but has a unique feel to it.
  6. Gaurav: Gaurav means “honor or pride or dignity.” The word carries a beautiful meaning, and when your baby grows older, their name will define your feeling.
  7. Ishaan: Ishaan is the other name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. It also means “the Sun” and “harbinger of riches.” As it is said, children are a form of god, and naming your baby after a god’s name is always a great idea.
  8. Kabir: Kabir means “great” and was the name of the Sufi saint Kabir who is still prominent for his writings. You can always explain to your baby why you named them Kabir.
  9. Karthik: The name Karthik indicates a month in the Hindu calendar. Karthik also means “one who bestows courage.” If you are searching for a unique name that holds importance in the Hindu religion, Kartik is the right name for your baby boy.
  10. Mayank: The name Mayank indicates the Moon. It also means an “individual who is calm and serene like the moon.” It is not only the name of the most beautiful heavenly body but has a powerful meaning to it.
  11. Nakul: The Pandavas symbolize virtue and are worshipped for their undeterred commitment to upholding Dharma against all odds, and Nakul was one of the five Pandavas. Nakul is another name for Lord Shiva. So if you want your baby to uphold a vital principle in life, you can name them Nakul.
  12. Prabhas: Parents want their baby to always shine in life, and Prabhas holds a similar meaning. It is a unique name and means “brilliance or lustrous.”
  13. Pratyush: Pratyush has a Sanskrit origin and means “dawn.” It also refers to “a person who is bright and radiant like the sun.” If a unique name with a strong meaning is what you are looking for, Pratyush is the right choice.
  14. Reyansh: Reyansh is also one of the many names of Lord Vishnu and also means “first rays of light.” It is the best name for your firstborn.
  15. Sharvil: It is the other name for Lord Krishna, the name Sharvil has its origin in “Sharv,” a word which means “sacred to Lord Shiva.”

Modern and Unique Indian Baby Girl Names that are in trend:

  1. Abhijishya: Everyone wants their daughters to grow up independent and fearless. Abhijishya reflects the change in Indian society and the growth of girls; it means ‘Independent girl.’
  2. Akshi: A short and sweet Indian baby girl name that means’ Existence.’ You can select this name for your baby if you are looking for an easy-to-spell and pronounce name with a different meaning.
  3. Aradhya: Some names never go out of fashion, are unique, and have a soulful meaning. Aaradhya is one of them, and it means the one who is worth worshipping.
  4. Drishya: If you are looking for a royal name for your little princess, Drishya is the right one. The name Drishya means ‘sight.’
  5. Giva: Giva is a variation of the name Jiva, which means a living being. The name has an international appeal to it and will be an attractive name choice for your baby.
  6. Ikshita: If you want your baby girl to grow up as an individual who has a strong personality, a name like Ikshita is a good choice. It means ‘Visible.’
  7. Jivika: Jivika means ‘source of life,’ and it is one of the most appealing modern names parents choose for their newborns.
  8. Kavya: The name Kavya has an international feel; it is popular in Southern India and means’ Poem’ in Hindi.
  9. Mahi: Your little one surely means the world to you, and the name Mahi will always make her feel your love. Mahi means “The world.”
  10. Mira: Mira was a devout follower of Lord Krishna, and the bhajans sung by Meera, the Meera Bhajans, are still very popular and soulful. It is an ancient name but sounds unique.
  11. Navya: A name that carries a similar meaning to your newborn baby, Navya means ‘young or new’ and is a name that you won’t often hear.
  12. Raha Name Meaning : What is more beautiful than the word peace for your little angel? Meaning of Raha is “peace”; it is a very uncommon name with a profound meaning. Raha Name Origin is from Ancient Hindu Mythology.
  13. Tuhi: Tuhi is a soft and sweet modern Hindu girl name. It is a variation of the name Ruhi and means’ bird sound’.
  14. Tiya: If you are a nature lover and love spending time in the greenery, then you can name your child Tiya, which means ‘bird.’
  15. Vedika: Vedika means’ consciousnesses’. It is a traditional name with modern charm and has a soothing pronunciation.

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