Pros And Cons Of Using Neteller at Online Casinos

When choosing an online casino, the most important item it must have is complete security. If the casino cannot guarantee the security of user data and money, it should not be an option, to begin with. Given that we decide to play online with our hard-earned money, we should not accept any unnecessary risks. Even those who can afford to set aside hefty sums of money for gambling probably don’t take that money lightly and don’t want it in unsafe hands. Only when we are sure that the online casino we have chosen meets all the requirements regarding safety and security can we proceed to the next step, which is the selection of equally secure payment channels. In addition to the security of personal data and money, the form of payment that we choose should have other benefits such as speed of transactions, anonymity, and easy use. That’s why a large number of players choose to make deposits with Neteller.

Neteller is a well-established e-wallet that has been providing online payment since 2005. Today a little over 80% of transactions in online casinos are made using this e-wallet as it is one of the most popular banking options among gamblers. Unlike other e-wallets that have grown in popularity after it, Neteller is widely accepted in over 200 casinos globally.

If you don’t have an e-wallet set up already it is easy to do so, and if you already have one and are simply curious about what Neteller casino you should choose, our guide through the best Neteller casinos is going to help you make your decision.

Before we get into actual casino sites that accept Neteller payments we will go over a list of pros and cons of gambling with it.

Pros of gambling with Neteller include:

  • High protection of personal data and assets. Since the e-wallet serves as a safety cushion between your personal information and the casino database there is no way for hackers and scammers to gain access to your personal information since it isn’t shared with the casino when making payments. This is achieved through 128-bit encryption.
  • Fast transactions. The speed of transactions allows you to deposit within seconds so you don’t have to wait for the bank to process your payment before you can start playing. Upon registration, all you need to do is make a speedy deposit, and enjoy your play.
  • Special bonuses and promotional offers. Many casinos, especially the ones specialized for Neteller users will offer additional bonuses to said users. Keep close track of promotional offers in your favorite Neteller casinos since these bonuses can sometimes significantly increase your bankroll. Neteller also provides a selection of bonus offers for loyal users so it pays off to use it as often as possible. This allows you to save money on transactions and even get some of the money lost while playing back into your pocket.
  • No additional fees. Most online casinos won’t charge you extra for the transactions made with Neteller and Neteller itself doesn’t charge users for such transactions. The casino also doesn’t charge for withdrawals made with Neteller. In conclusion, as long as you keep your Neteller account active there won’t be any additional fees.

Cons of gambling with Neteller:

  • It takes a long time to reach high-security levels. Full protection of user data is reached through long-term verification of users so it will take some time before your account is fully safe and protected.
  • There are fees when replenishing the Neteller account. While the casino won’t charge you extra for any transaction made, Neteller charges certain fees for topping off your account and takes away a significant portion of your assets.
  • The e-wallet has limited transactions. Each user is allowed 10 withdrawals a day from a casino and each withdrawal is limited to $1000 meaning that if you like to cash out big you won’t be satisfied with using Neteller for your withdrawals.

As you can see with many great sides to this payment option there are still some downsides that need to be considered. If the good outweighs the bad in your case or the cons simply don’t concern you, you will be satisfied with using Neteller in online casinos. However before any transactions are made, you should read the terms and conditions to make sure that you understand and accept all the conditions.

Here is a list of some of our favorite gambling sites that accept Neteller:

1. Neospin 

Neospin is a relatively new online casino in the game that has already captured the attention of many players. Due to its new status on the market, the casino offers generous bonuses to entice new players. You can expect a generous 100% match deposit welcome bonus of up to $6000 plus 100 free spins and 20% cashback. The casino is also crypto-friendly and has high maximum withdrawal limits.

2. Play Amo Casino 

The casino offers a huge game library with a lot of variety in its selection. A 100% match deposit bonus and 100 free spins are also a nice addition to what this casino has to offer. It is crypto-friendly and has an incredibly low minimum wager of only $20 so it’s great for beginners and those who don’t want to break the bank.

3. Millionaria Casino 

The casino is known for its fast payments as well as high maximum withdrawal limits which makes it great for high rollers. It boasts an MGA license as one of the most highly regarded licenses in the gambling world. It makes up for its lack of a welcome bonus with 20% daily cashback and constant promotions that can be used to increase your bankroll or try some of the 2000 available games for free.