Private HTTP proxies (s) and SOCKS5

The original purpose of proxy servers was to cache frequently viewed web pages. This has greatly accelerated access to information. Nowadays, they are more like a firewall. High-speed private proxies HTTP (s) and SOCKS5, serve as an intermediary for forwarding client requests from the internal network to the external one. This allows you to maintain privacy and bypass all sorts of restrictions and blocking of resources on the Internet. Many of the currently available private proxy connection plans also provide packet filtering and NAT services. The combination of all of these technologies can eliminate hacker attacks that a “clean” proxy server probably won’t be able to handle. Proxies are most commonly associated with the WWW (for historical reasons), but they work similarly for other services. The proxy receives service requests from internal clients and transmits them on their behalf to the external network. Having received an external response, he returns it to a real client, keeping the latter’s anonymity.

Proxy advantages

Client hiding is possible because proxies generate service level requests on behalf of their clients. It’s not just a change. Clients refer to the proxy as the target server. Only service level messages (such as HTTP) are sent through the proxy server, not TCP or IP packets. The lower layer protocol packets are regenerated by the proxy. So this is a completely different mechanism from NAT, although the effect is similar. URL blocking is done by comparing a URL against a list of blocked addresses. However, this can be avoided by using numeric addresses rather than names, since the full text of the URL is usually checked. Required internet usage is easier to enforce by telling employees to track their access rather than blocking.

Content filtering can remove certain items from the payload. These can be ActiveX controls, Java applets, large graphics files, executable binaries sent as email attachments. A consistency check is a check for compliance with a protocol. This eliminates or at least limits the use of incorrectly formatted data to exploit system vulnerabilities. For example, earlier versions of sendmail had a buffer overflow problem. If there is more data (up to the end-of-file tag), then usually executable code was placed there, allowing the superuser to access the mail server. A similar error was found in IIS4. The buffer overflow problem also occurred in early browsers when URLs longer than 256 characters were entered. However, the client learns about such vulnerabilities only after they have been neutralized.

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