Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip!

It doesn’t matter if you recently purchased a car from a state that is several hours away or if you require assistance moving your family’s car since you are moving to a new home. Some people may believe that shipping a car across the country takes too long. However, you may be able to save a lot of stress, money, and time by locating a reliable business that specializes in large moves like this one. When it comes to moving your car using a carrier, there are a few considerations to make before beginning the long trip.

Do you need to ship a car to California from Florida? Fortunately, AutoStar Transport , one of the best cross-country auto shipping businesses in the US, lets you know that you are in good hands so you can relax. Before relocating your vehicle, our experts will make sure you understand each step of the procedure. One of the greatest transportation firms to work with is us, as we have a reputation for being reliable and truthful throughout the whole procedure. With speed, safety, and top-notch customer care, our knowledgeable carriers will complete the task!

Methods of Transport

We provide additional services so you can always monitor the status of your delivery, and there are other options for shipping your car across the nation. You can export your car across the country in one of two ways, depending on its specifications.

Most individuals prefer to travel in trailers with open-air carriers. With this kind of service, many cars can be carried at once, providing most consumers with a seamless door-to-door delivery experience. Our drivers are allowed to transport your vehicle anywhere, provided that the pickup and drop-off locations are in a secure and authorized region. If you are on a tight budget when it comes to transferring your car, this method works well as well.

Enclosed automobile transportation is the second strategy we use when moving pricey, vintage, or historic autos. Because of the enclosed trailer’s safety, this choice will ensure hassle-free and secure travel for your car. Rain, snow, strong winds, and road debris from recent storms or road construction will all be conditions your car will be shielded from. We understand how crucial it is to preserve the original condition of your vintage vehicle, so why not take it a step further and use AutoStar Transport  to set up enclosed auto shipping? Enclosed vehicle delivery costs a little more than standard shipping, but it provides greater security for your vehicle during the long journey.

Organizing and Setting Up Your Car

Before making a reservation with our business, if you have already visited our website, you can obtain free, instant pricing. But keep in mind that this is just an estimate and not the precise amount you will be required to pay at the time the service is provided. The fact that there are no further costs or payments needed until your shipment has been approved by a carrier is one of the best things about booking with AutoStar Transport. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you use our services to transfer your car because we value being honest with our customers.

It is advisable to make your reservation with our organization at least seven days in advance of the time you are scheduled to be picked up. This ensures that a carrier will be there to handle your delivery. You won’t be required to pay for your reservation until the company locates a car transportation service and verifies the information with the driver. We recommend that you adequately prepare your vehicle for delivery after making a reservation with our firm.

The most crucial part of the transportation process is getting your car ready for pickup and delivery. You can do a comprehensive inspection by cleaning the interior of the automobile and removing everything. To make sure your car doesn’t get damaged on the way, it’s important to record any information found during the pre-shipment examination. When evaluating the vehicle again after delivery, we suggest taking images from various angles if necessary.

Another approach to getting your car ready for the lengthy drive is to remove any toll tags to avoid being charged if the carrier comes across a toll booth. By using toll tags on your automobile, you can continue moving without having to wait in line at the booth to collect money. Remove them from your vehicle, and you may be able to avoid paying tolls at toll booths along the way. If you can retract your antennae or fold in your side mirrors when driving, you can lessen the likelihood that your car will sustain damage. Having your car ready ahead of time may facilitate a seamless and rapid pickup experience for the carrier.

Time of Delivery

The time has arrived for your vehicle to arrive at its intended location. When the carrier driver approaches the location where you requested the vehicle delivery, you will receive a call from him or her. The driver will unload the vehicle from the trailer if everything is safe and within the law. We kindly request that you, or a responsible adult above the age of 18, be present upon the delivery of your vehicle in order to ensure a seamless transaction.

However, before we leave, make sure your automobile is in good condition and hasn’t been damaged during transportation. The driver will come over to the car with you to double-check their paperwork. You may sign the driver’s inspection report once the evaluation is finished and you are satisfied with all the services provided by our staff. After that, we’ll go forward.

Excellent Service Is Provided by AutoStar Transport

For more information about the services we provide or to obtain a fast quote for a future journey, click here. We have live chat support with agents available to assist you with any queries or problems you may be having with your reservation or the booking process. You can also give us a call to learn more about our services and their details.