Perks of Buying Huawei P 50 Pro-2022

Welcome to another important paper piece of huawei, in this blurb we will emphasis on huawei p 50 pro. For this audit, we’ll proceed with our 6 focuses however more accentuation will be given to the product since it is totally different contrasted with its ancestors.


Alright. Beginning with the plan of the telephone. I’m really not attached to this plan. It’s simply… an oval integrating the two circles. Also there’s that lustrous glass back which I for one don’t like. Different pieces of the telephone’s configuration continue as before – so nothing to discuss there.


The showcase however, is a genuinely decent one. It an OLED screen estimating 6.6-inch screen with a goal of 2700×1228 pixels and goes up to 120Hz.

What I don’t especially like however is the curve of the screen. It’s actually equivalent to the P40 Pro that we assessed last time – I actually try to avoid it. Observing screen defenders for this telephone will be troublesome light reflection is dependably noticeable on the bend of the telephone – and I view that as annoying. One more thing to note is that when I unpacked the Huawei P 50 Pro, I discovered that it is utilizing “savvy” goal and “dynamic” invigorate rate as a matter of course. I promptly secured it to the most noteworthy goal and most noteworthy revive rate.


Goody gumdrops, where do we start? Alright, here is a fast overview of the camera specs. There are an aggregate of 4 unique cameras here however we’ll get to that B/W sensor later. To view every one of the photos taken with the Huawei P 50 Pro, watch our video at the highest point of this survey.

With respect to the B/W sensor, I genuinely believe its presence isn’t legitimate. I took two pictures in outrageous haziness in my room – one covering the B/W sensor, and one more without. The two pictures give off an impression of being indistinguishable. So why bother?

From what I can discover, it’s simply used to take monochrome pictures – and truly, that is way too specialty of a utilization case to legitimize its presence.


I’m really not going to feature much here. The Huawei P50 Pro accompanies the Snapdragon 888 chipset – and it will perform very much like some other Snapdragon 888 telephone – however just with 4G help.

I have positively no clue about why Huawei chose to make this P50 Pro 4G just since 5G is around the bend as of now. What’s more Huawei was likewise the first to push mid-range 5G telephones 1.5 years prior. Truly, why?


The battery of the P50 Pro is at 4360mAh. Not the greatest as far as battery limit and most certainly not the best as far as battery duration as well, as we just get around 9 hours in our battery duration test. Obviously, the Snapdragon 888’s shortcoming additionally has an influence in this. For the charging times, the Huawei P50 Pro accompanies a 66W exclusive charger and it charges from 15% to 100 percent in with regards to 60 minutes. Really sluggish, if you were to ask me.

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