PDFBear: The Best Platform to Convert Your Word to PDF

Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files are examples of raw documents. They are a direct product of processing software. It means that once you are sent a raw file via email or other media of transmission, you will be able to edit the file with no necessity of tools. Right after you download the said file, you can immediately add texts, pictures, etc. 

The thing is, you cannot always ensure that nothing will change on the raw document’s format after sending it to the receiver. It could be that some structures will not be retained, some graphics or elements will even be omitted. This is because the reading of the file is largely based on the device’s compatibility with the software used to create the file. 

How can PDFBear help you to sustain the format of your file?

The answer is simple, convert your Word to PDF. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which presents the information within the file–formatting, image placement, etc.–independent from the software, operating system, or device used. Converting to PDF will eliminate the risk of detail omission within the file in the process of transmission. 

To perform the conversion, you have to use a tool since not every device has a built-in converter. Software is not the number one option since it is expensive and could consume a lot of your device’s storage. The best way to go then is to visit PDFBear, a website that will allow you to convert your Word to PDF with its high-quality technology and impressive feats. 

File Conversion at speed faster than the light

It could be an exaggeration, but only because PDBear is known to have one of the swiftest processing on the whole internet. The website is designed to cater to people who are caught in a deadline, running late, or just in a hurry. Time is Gold, and the web developers of PDFBear have a deep understanding of that. Hence it inspired the creation of PDBear. 

No Mental Gymnastics in the navigation of the website

The thing about some of the websites on the internet is that it is not designed to be friendly to users, especially to those who do not have much experience when it comes to website exploration. Good thing, PDFBear ensures that the website can be easily understood and explored by everyone regardless if they have a degree in computer technology or not. 

Preservation tool comparable to high-paid software

PDFBear boasts its top-notch technology that can be compared to that of software that costs a considerable amount of money. This high-quality and reliable preservation tool allows websites to copy every element from the raw document with perfect accuracy and transfer it to the PDF version. You do not have to worry about any detail omission at all!

Utmost respect to users’ privacy rights

Understandably, most people would react negatively if they are asked by websites to upload their files, which may contain their personal information. With the free flow of information through the web, every day, we are exposed to a high degree of susceptibility to being hacked, breached, and have our information used for something we did not consent to. 

For this reason, PDFbear makes sure that none of your files will be breached by any unauthorized personalities on the internet. To ensure that, the website installed one of the best encryption tools to safeguard every uploaded file from any breach attempt. Also, the website employs a policy of deleting all uploaded files an hour after the process completion. 

High-degree compatibility

Test runs have been launched before the website is opened for public use. In this run, the creator ensured that PDFBear would work with any medium used by the public, whether devices, operating systems, or browsers. Hence, the website can work without a problem even if you have an obsolete device or do not use a mainstream browser. 

Save your device storage 

You do not need to suffer through a slow-performing laptop to install software and perform the conversion process. All you have to do is make sure that your internet connection is stable enough for you to open your browser and go to PDFbear’s site. The process will be entirely online with the use of cloud storage. 

How to convert Word to PDF using PDFBear?

The steps are easy. The first thing you have to do is upload the word file on the server. You may choose to drag the file on the conversion box or select it from the device. PDFBear will scan your files and convert them. All you have to do is wait patiently for it to finish. After it is done, you may now download the PDF version of your word document on your device. 

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The internet has blessed us with a lot of ways to improve our lives. Imagine not having to spend the minimal amount of money and effort to convert your Word to PDF, when in the past you have to pay a huge amount of money to purchase software and get the job done. Indeed, PDFBear is a blessing because of its high-quality services. 

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