Online slots guide – What, Where, and How

Slot machines have evolved. From brick-and-mortar casinos, they’ve moved to our computers and smartphones. Read our online slots guide and increase your chances for a Jackpot.

House (Doesn’t Have To) Always Win – The Ultimate Online Slots Guide.

Since their inception, slots have been one of the most popular casino games. Probably the first thought that comes to your mind could be the endless line of colorful machines producing that beautiful “money” sound. This reason is merely one of many why people are eager to learn how to enjoy slots to their advantage. Thereby, this online slots guide will help you get the best out of this game.

Just a Bit of Slot History

The first slot ever created was Liberty Bell. In 1891. Charles A. Frey invented something we all recognize today as a one-arm bandit. This slot was the first to allow for automatic payouts. Then evolution happened, and we got the first fully-electromechanical slot in 1964.

Finally, technological progress leads to the software-based slots that we all love so much. Back then, this game was available in good all brick-and-mortar casinos. Nowadays, slots are just a couple of clicks away, available anywhere to everyone.

Popularity of Slots

The traditional way of playing slots is pretty straightforward. The player needs to press a few buttons, insert a coin and – wait. There were no tactics, no complicated strategies of any kind (well, almost none, but we’ll get to that). So, is this what makes this game one of the most wanted ever? Well, maybe there’s a pinch of truth there; however, perhaps there’s something more in all of that.

So, without further ado, let’s see what makes this game great and improve your chances to win the greatest of them all, the one and only – Jackpot.

Online Slots Guide – The Basics

This game is not just about pressing a few buttons. Otherwise, we would all be millionaires so far, right? Nevertheless, online casino slots can be indeed a bit more complex than the good old Liberty Bell. To understand better how online casino slots work, let’s first dig more into the most common terms.

  • Bet – choose the bet size according to desire (and pocket)
  • Bet Max – allows the maximum allowed bet with a single click.
  • Hit – a term for a winning spin
  • Free Spins – everyone’s favorite, comes as a bonus allowing a series of free games.
  • Multipliers – Usually between x2 and x10, their goal is to multiply bets and increase player winnings.
  • Paylines – simply put, these are the symbols that players see after the software (or a reel) awards a winning combination.
  • Pay Table – Shows possible winning combinations and their worth
  • Wild Symbols – Their main goal is to help make winning combinations as a substitute for some other symbols
  • Scatter Symbols – Trigger bonus features
  • RTP – stands for Return to Player Percentage. In short, RTP calculates the probability of a player’s win based on previous slot wins.

Slot Machine 1.1 – How It Works

Now when you understand the basic terminology used in slot games, let’s see what drives this thrilling game.

Every slot machine consists of “reels.” Speaking about the traditional slot, a reel is a rotating barrel whereupon the symbols appear. Back then, the old slots had 20 or sometimes more symbols per reel. Today, thanks to digital technology, some of the reels have 256 virtual characters. As a result, modern digital slots can produce millions of possible combinations called, as we already learned – Paylines.

Each slot machine generates thousands of numbers randomly. All of these numerical values hold a different combination of symbols. In simple words, every time you hit “play,” the slot machine will randomly generate a combination, which will reflect in symbols, that will determine whether you lose or win.

All spins are independent of each other. Consequently, spins are entirely unrelated to previous or future spins. As a result, any sort of outcome prediction is impossible.

Online Slots Types

Like all other casino games, slots have developed over time. Now, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Keeping in mind they are based on computer programs; different gameplay styles can be created. The most popular and commonly played slot games are:


3 Reel Classic Slot Machines – provides the breadth of classic slots. It consists of 3 columns and three rows of symbols. It’s a “beginners package” for any slot beginner.

5 Reel Classic Slot Machines (Video Slots) – naturally, they come with more details. Contrary to 3 Reel Slots, Video slot machines can have up to 100 paylines. As a result, players’ chances to win increase accordingly.

3D Slots – the youngest in the slots family. 3D slots come with unique themes, audio effects, and improved video animations. Besides hitting the jackpot, punters can enjoy an interactive game and have extra fun.

Progressive Slots – one of the most exciting casino games. Every time someone makes a bet – Progressive Slot machines will increase the jackpot until another (or the same) player wins.

Mobile Slots – designed for punters who like to gamble on the go. These slots exist so that players can enjoy the game on smaller screens like smartphones or tablets.

How Do You Pick a Winning Slot Machine?

A million-dollar question. Unfortunately, there is no unique answer or a life hack to make consecutive wins on slot machines. However, not everything is up to luck – you can be the creator of your fate. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you increase your chances to win:

Get To Know The Game – Knowledge is power. Before you get engaged in any casino game, proper due diligence will help you to determine which type of slot suits you the best. This online slots guide can help you understand how this casino game works.

Online Casino Research –  Getting informed upfront is of utmost importance. Check online which casinos are the best for beginners. Find out what type of bonuses they offer if there are free spins as well. Most importantly, check if the casino is reputable. Safety of your funds is in the first place.

Start With Demo – Many reputable casinos offer free versions of slot games. Use the knowledge you’ve gained and try different approaches.

Bank Management – Common mistake among the newbies is that most expect immediate results. Put aside the money you are prepared to lose. Do not overload your budget.

Final Thoughts

A long time ago, we looked at simple fruit machines praying for that exciting sound of coins dripping all over. Nowadays, online casino slots are taking precedence as they became more available. Naturally, the game evolved and became more complicated here and there.

Still, that doesn’t mean your chances are lower. Maybe you’ll find just what you were looking for in our online slots guide.

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