Novita Diamonds and Dress for Success Help Women Become Successful

Novita Diamonds is donating diamonds to help women become more successful in the professional world. In partnership with CBIZ Women’s Advantage, Novita Diamonds is donating a million pieces of jewelry to Dress for Success boutiques in North America. Through this collaboration, the nonprofit organization provides professional clothing and support to thousands of women facing challenges. By ensuring that these women are professionally dressed, the donation of diamonds will make a difference in many lives. Novita and Dress for Success are helping empower and equip thousands of women to achieve success in the workplace and in life.

Donated by Novita

Novita is proud to support Dress for Success by donating diamonds to the charity. The jewelry company also supports the COVID-19 organization, which aims to create a better community by providing professional attire to disadvantaged women. The diamonds donated by Novita will help to provide a more professional environment for disadvantaged women. By purchasing a Novita diamond, you’re helping to transform the lives of many disadvantaged women.

Novita Diamonds is happy to support the cause of Dress for Success and COVID-19. By donating diamonds to these organizations, Novita Diamonds will help these women dress more professionally. This will be of great help in their lives and in the community. Novita and dress for success charities can do so because they are both devoted to improving the lives of women. Novita and dress for success are proud to support this cause.

A better career

Novita Diamonds is proud to support Dress for Success and the organization. The Novita Foundation has partnered with Dress for Success since its inception in 2006. The company has donated over $1 million to the charity in 2016 and continues to donate to their cause. The charity’s mission is to support women who are experiencing hardships in life and empower them to find a better career. By contributing diamonds to this cause, Novita is making a difference in many women’s lives.

Novita Diamonds’ donation of diamonds to Dress for Success will help empower women in need of job training. By donating diamonds to Dress for Success, Novita is helping women achieve their professional dreams. And by donating to the nonprofit, the Novita team is doing good for a lot more than just giving. Their partnership will help empower thousands of women, and their donations will help improve their lives. They are putting their hearts into making a difference in the world.

Disadvantaged women

Novita Diamonds is proud to partner with Dress for Success in empowering women in need. Through the donation, Novita will provide professional attire to women in need. By doing so, the nonprofit will help make a difference in the lives of many disadvantaged women. It is an honor to support Dress for Success and its mission. The Novita partnership with Dress for disadvantaged women helps improve the lives of a lot of disadvantaged women in need.

Novita Diamonds is proud to partner with Dress for Success to help women in need of proper attire. By donating diamonds to the nonprofit, Novita is helping women get the professional attire they need to succeed in the workplace. Through this partnership, lab grown diamonds UK Novita is making a positive impact in the lives of thousands of women. These donations are also an investment in the future of communities. This is a great way to empower disadvantaged women.

Dress for Success

Novita Diamonds also supports Dress for Success’s mission of empowering women. In 2016, Novita donated more than $1 million to the nonprofit organization. Through this partnership, Novita Diamonds is making a real difference in the lives of women in the community. By making a donation to the charity, Novita is making a positive impact in the lives of many. Novita’s partnership with Dress for Success will also help to provide new opportunities for the women in the community.


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Dress for Success has been helping women for over 40 years. By donating diamonds, Novita is making a positive impact on women’s lives. The charity has also partnered with the COVID-19 organization, which is a nonprofit aimed at giving professional attire to women who need it. The partnership between Novita and Dress for Success will benefit more than women in need of professional attire. You can make a difference by donating a diamond to this cause.