NFL 22 – Iconic Joey Galloway’s ‘Flashbacks’ Player Card

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‘Flashbacks’ Player Cards highlight the best moments that a gridiron player might have had throughout their career, and for former Wide Receiver, Joey Galloway, his first playing time with Seattle Seahawks has now been given the spotlight in NFL 22!

Joey Galloway might now be 50 years old but during his gridiron playing career, he is quite a respected Wide Receiver plying his trade with various different teams like Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

However, for NFL 22’s Wildcard Wednesday, a new ‘Flashbacks’ Player Card has just been announced for the retired American footballer, using his first-ever professional playing time with Seattle Seahawks as the blueprint for his 97-Rated player card today!

This impressive player card boasts extraordinary stats like:

(WR) Joey Galloway’s ‘Flashbacks’ Player Card: OVR 97

  • Ball Carrier Vision, BCV (After the Catch): 98
  • Change of Direction, COD (After the Catch): 97
  • Release, RLS (Receiving): 97
  • Catching, CTH (Receiving): 96
  • Speed, SPD (General): 96

Galloway’s new player card is given the Deep Threat archetype, and possesses good traits like:

  • Fights for Extra Yards
  • Makes RAC (Run After the Catch) Catches
  • Makes Possession Catches
  • Makes Sidelines Catches
  • High Motor

For a player card of this value, his console market prices are quite high, though (estimate):

  • PlayStation: 191,000 MUT Coins
  • Xbox: 216,000 MUT Coins

If you’ve been a keen fan of Galloway, though, this might be the time to unlock him via card packs whenever you’re logged into your NFL 22 account soon!

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