New 2022 IPL Format

IPL 2022 Format and Salary Cap

IPL 2022 Format

The new rules and innovations of IPL tournament format 2022 are as follow;

  • There will be ten teams.
  • These teams will play 74 matches in all
  • The season will last for about 60 days
  • The ten teams will be separated into two groups which gives 5 teams per group.
  • The group determination and play off will be based on a random draw.
  • Every team will pay 14 matches at group level. They will face their own group team two times i.e. one home and one away. While the will play with the other group once per team and the rest of the teams two times.
  • The point system has also changed. Only the winning team will be given 2 points while the losing team will be given no point. However, when there is a draw or no result can be achieved then a single point will be given to each team. This year gives chances for others team to change their position that is why you need always check live cricket betting rates in India
  • After the group play off stage, a four game play off stage will occur as follow;
  • Qualifier 1 match will be held between the teams that secured 1st and 2nd position at group level.
  • Eliminator match will be among the teams that flagged 4th and 5th position at group level
  • Qualifier 2 match will be held between the winner of eliminator and the losing team of qualifier 1
  • Final match will be between the victor of qualifier 1 and 2

IPL 2022 New Teams

The teams for Indian Premier League 2021 are as follow,

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Punjab Kings
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore squad
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

The new teams being added to the IPL 2022 are;

  • Lucknow SuperGiants – bought for over 62 million USD by CVC Capital
  • Team Ahmedabad – bought for over 32 million USD by RPSG Group of Sanji GoenkaIPL

2022 Salary Cap

IPL New format has revised the salary cap for the retaining of players by the teams. The decision of salary cap is attached to the decision of the team on the number of retained players.

For 4 players – INR 42 CR

Player 1 – INR 16 CR
Player 2 – INR 12 CR
Player 3 – INR 8 CR
Player 4 – INR  CR

For 3 players – INR 33 CR

• Player 1 – INR 15 CR

• Player 2 – INR 11 CR

• Player 3 – INR 7 CR

For 2 players – INR 24 CR

• Player 1 – INR 14 CR

• Player 2 – INR 10 CR

For 1 players – INR 14 CR


Total Matches

The new Indian Premier League 2022 format describes that there will be a total of 74 matches. This consists of 70 matches which will be played at the group level between the 10 teams and then the remaining four matches will be played in the shape of play off matches as the qualifier1, eliminator, qualifier2 and final matches. In essence to the traditional IPL format, this shows that there has been a deduction of 20 matches from the new format of the IPL tournament.

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