Must-use Resources to Ace Microsoft SC-400 Exam

Information is one of the most vital resources of any organization. That is why information technology has continued to gain traction in the corporate world. Unfortunately, this traction comes with a few drawbacks. For example, organization’s data and data sources are highly vulnerable to malware and hacks. Therefore, there is a need for effective security. 

Information Protection Administrators are saddled with the responsibility of keeping an organization’s data safe and secure. They work with compliance and security to implement technology supporting controls and policies necessary to regulate an organization. They are also responsible for data governance, protection, and loss prevention.

Introducing the Microsoft SC-400 Exam

Microsoft has several certification programs on information protection, including the SC-400 exam. This exam is a significant one for those candidates who intend to gain the Microsoft Certified: Information Protection Administrator Associate certification. The exam assesses your proficiency in implementing information protection, information governance, and data loss prevention.

If you are looking to pursue a career as an administrator, risk practitioner, security engineer, or information protection administrator, you can pass the SC-400 exam with at least a score of 700 is essential. The paid exam that will cost you $165 runs for 120 minutes with a total of 40 to 60 questions of different types.

While it sounds challenging, acing the Microsoft Information Protection Administrator exam is relatively easy. Here are a few resources to help you pass with flying colors:

  • Microsoft Free Online Resources

Microsoft provides free learning paths for the SC-400 exam. This learning path contains several modules and each path is dedicated to a specific exam topic, to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills. Furthermore, this resource is self-paced, so you can access these modules whenever it’s convenient for you. 

  • Microsoft Instructor-Led Course

The instructor-led training offered on Microsoft’s website is paid. The course coded SC-400T00 lasts for 2 days and focuses on information protection and data governance. You will also learn how to implement data loss prevention policies, data retention policies, and sensitive information types . This course will help you prepare for the exam more effectively.

  • Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft docs are technical articles containing code samples and essential information about a subject matter. For example, when studying for your Microsoft Information Protection Administrator exam, you can search for documentation on any topic related to your exam.

  • Practice Tests 

Taking courses and training is not enough to pass the SC-400 exam. You also have to evaluate and track your development with practice tests. First, check the official practice test offered on the vendor’s website to see the topics covered and questions included. Then, check out other third-party platforms offering valid and updated practice tests. Such files include previous exam questions and answers. They are useful for checking your preparedness before starting your prep process to see the areas you need to pay more attention to, and on the final stage, to see how ready you are for the final exam. So, practice tests will definitely help you prepare better for your SC-400 exam.

Final Words

You can kickstart or advance your career in data loss prevention, information protection, and information governance by acing the Microsoft SC-400 exam. Diligence and preparation with the resources discussed in this article will make the exam a piece of cake for you. You are on your way to scoring 700+ and getting that associate-level certification from Microsoft. 

Good luck

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