Music Press Releases: Efficient Writing Recommendations

Are you going to release a new music track, a video clip, a concert tour, or a party of the year? It is normal to want to create much buzz around this event and gain people’s attention. Of course, you would let people listen to your art or participate in a concert or a party. What should you do to make people aware of your music release or event? The secret is simple and it is called a press release!

Thanks to a press release music, you are able to outline essential information about your music material/event. Make sure you include all the details to make a proper promotional campaign. We have prepared for you a detailed guidance on how to write a professional press release to inform your target audience and create hype.

1. The right title and a matching photo

The 1st page of your press release is the most important. You must choose the right heading, which can perfectly describe your music release or event. There is a traditional formula to follow: an artist’s name + occasion’s name + exact date. As soon as you write a perfect title, we recommend you to include an eye-catching photo of your album cover, previous concert photo, or a poster.

2. Capture statement

Below the inserted photo, you should write a brief (1-2 sentences) bio of your music and your team. It is essential for drawing the reader’s attention and motivating them to discover more about your music and the upcoming event. Make sure that your bio section sounds creative and simple. The goal is to provide the explanation of your art: whether you are a classic or modern musician, where you were born and live, and the essential details of your music release. Do not forget to mention your past achievements and your career history. Always avoid too long paragraphs and complicated sentences.

3. Closing statement

Many people wonder how they should close the informative section. We can recommend you to add an eye-catching quote, which works in your favor to plug your announcement. After inserting the quote, you can compose 1-2 sentences for recapping the essential information.

4. Music release information

Now, you are ready to complete your music-related press release. To do it nicely, you can write the essential details about your upcoming music announcement. You have to include the exact dates, time, and location when your music release will occur. We recommend you to write posts on social media channels and share them in your music press release. It will permit more people to know about your event and attend it. The best channels for promoting music events are SoundCloud, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

5. Adding file attachments to your press release

It is a common practice to add file attachments along with your music press releases. You can do it via your email. Such attachments can help you grab the attention of journalists, bloggers, or influences.

What should you send as your file attachment?

  • A band’s poster/artwork related to your music.
  • A logo or any other promotional photo.
  • MP3 file or direct link to your new music track.

It is not recommended to attach too heavy files. If this is your case, you should compile an electronic press kit called EPK. This kit will organize your files in a neat folder, which is easy to access and it takes less space to download.


By following these easy steps, you can compose a professional press release for announcing your next tour or your new music release. Once you polish your writing skill, you should not hesitate to send it to radio stations and journalists to make it published and public.

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