Modern trends in interior decoration

Online bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style knows among the demanded finishing materials, decorative brick is in trend today. Modern trends in interior design form the increased interest in it.

Decorative tiles, imitating the structure of stone and brick, have gained particular popularity among lovers of natural style. They are actively used for interior decoration. The relief and irregularity of the surface create a distinctive aesthetics of elegant chic.

A brick wall is a fashionable trend in interior compositions

More recently, decorative tiles have only been used to decorate building facades. Now it is used almost everywhere – for interior decoration of offices, halls, hotels, restaurants, centers. Decorative stone loves space and scale. But contrary to the usual stereotypes, it can occasionally be used even in the smallest apartment and your bathroom around with unique bathroom vanity. Brickwork is used as a solid background or as a separate design element. In your bathroom combined composition options are acceptable.  You can clad any walls, fireplaces, ledges, niches, arches, columns, decorate openings, separate areas, recreation, and partitions.

Options for using decorative stone

Elements of brickwork easily fit into the design of any room, including bathroom, balconies, and loggias. It is crucial to consider the purpose of the rooms, the chosen style, which will be combined with the rest of the decor and furniture.

Variants of using bricks in the interior:

  1. Hallway – panels, mirror area, or hangers.
  2. Kitchen – the decor of the entire wall surface or work area. They are covered with moisture-proof impregnation. A stylized brick apron looks aesthetically pleasing and expensive.
  3. Living room – a solid surface or accentuation of individual zones (fireplace, behind the TV), adhering to the general color scheme.
  4. Bedroom – brickwork at the head of the bed. Any decorative elements look spectacular against its background. The white brick wall creates an exquisite accent in the interior.

Stone decor in various styles

Stone cladding is universal. It is combined with many interior elements. Previously, it was used for loft-style decoration. Today it is used in many styles:

  • Scandinavian;
  • grunge;
  • high tech;
  • country;
  • fusion;
  • modern;
  • provence

Finishing tiles go well with materials such as wood, glass, metal. It differs in manufacture, shape, size, texture, color, may have a rough or smooth surface.

Wall cladding with white bricks, diluted with bright colors, is considered a fashionable trend lately.

Gypsum tiles

The most common finishing material is gypsum-based. It imitates the natural features of natural stone and is suitable for decorating any surface.

Gypsum tiles made of natural materials are lightweight, absorb and release moisture well, and provide a comfortable indoor climate. High thermal insulation characteristics distinguish it, and noise absorption is easy to install and is affordable. The surface can be treated with coloring compounds, giving it any shade.

Modern trends in the use of gypsum tiles imply non-standard solutions

  • mixing textures;
  • bright accents;
  • full or partial veneer;
  • no restrictions in color design.

Exquisite brick décor is a fashion trend that has been popular in recent years. It is out of competition and is in high demand among consumers. It allows you to create an original interior with a small investment of time and material resources. Its use in decoration demonstrates the owner’s impeccable taste.

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