Megapari Betting Site Bangladesh Review 2023

Bangladesh is one among the countries where the international bookmaker Megapari is available. The company provides a large range of sporting events and casino entertainment, and its bonus will unquestionably satisfy your desire to bet. 

Megapari Benefits for Bangladeshi Players

It is not surprising that millions of Bangladeshi players prefer Megapari for their real money betting opportunities and casino games. Here are the following advantages, which make Megapari a great betting alternative:

  • simple and user-friendly interface; 
  • legality in Bangladesh; 
  • numerous practical payment options; 
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS; 
  • and access to a vast selection of sports and casino games are all provided.

There’s more, though! 

The company’s experts spend a lot of effort making sure you place your bets as comfortably as possible every day. We make it simple for you to begin betting immediately and to generate money.

Regulation and licenses

The Megapari rules of usage are available to all bettors and can be viewed by them. In Bangladesh, skill betting, which includes sports betting, is legal. Additionally, the company has a trustworthy Curacao license. Your betting is completely legal because Megapari does not break any local regulations because our servers are located outside of Bangladesh.

Megapari Register

You may easily and quickly register via our website or the official mobile app. We have provided you with a step-by-step guide so that you won’t encounter any difficulties. So:

  1. Go to Megapari
  2. Log in to the mobile site, app, or website for Megapari;
  3. Choose a method, then click “Register”;
  4. By pressing the register button, choose a method. There are choices for one-click, email, and phone number registration.
  5. Make sure you registered.
  6. An OTP code will be delivered to your phone or email based on the mode you choose. Fill it out in the special window, then click Register.

You are ready! 

Your Megapari account has been properly set up, therefore you can now place real money bets.

Megapari Verification

We adhere strictly to the terms of the license and always play by the rules of fair play. Due to this, it is necessary to confirm each user, which requires the following procedure:

  1. Sign up at Megapari.
  2. To access your Megapari account, type your username and password.

By going to your personal account, selecting the verification option, and then confirming, you can upload images of your identification documents. A passport or a driver’s license are acceptable. Furthermore, you can confirm the address by uploading a photo of your bill.

  1. Wait.

When your application has been finished by the Megapari team, who process verification requests around-the-clock, you will be informed of a successful verification. Once you have been authenticated, you will have full access to all of Megapari’s features, including withdrawals.

Megapari Login

After creating and confirming your account, you may log in at any time to begin placing bets using real money. In order to do this, you must:

  1. To log into Megapari, use the website or the mobile apps for Android or iOS.
  2. Click the login button.
  3. Click the confirmation button after providing your username and password for your account.

The Megapari home screen will now be displayed after you have successfully logged into your account. Choose a game, check the odds, and start winning!

Megapari iOS and Android app

We have developed an original iOS and Android mobile application. It is well optimized and allows betting at any time from anywhere with an internet connection. Our software combines a complete set of capacities you need to generate real income with an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive design. It is simple to set up an account, add funds, and start playing. All sports disciplines, casino games, and a variety of bonuses will be available to you. To ensure that you always have a straightforward and up-to-date betting experience, it is automatically updated.

The Megapari app can be downloaded and installed for free, and we’ve given you helpful step-by-step instructions to make the procedure go as swiftly and easily as possible.

Megapari App Download for Android

You may download and install the Megapari Android app in just a few seconds. In order to install, you must allow the installation of apps from third parties in your device’s security settings.

  1. Open any browser on your Android device and go to the Megapari website.
  2. Go to the applications section. You can request a link from the support team.
  3. After downloading the Megapari Android APK, install it.
  4. The app icon will then appear on the menu of your Android device, where you can access it whenever you want.

Android System Requirements

The program works properly on most recent Android handsets. The minimal system requirements are displayed in the table below.

Megapari Android Available Versions 4,1 or later
App file size, memory space 48,3 MB
Processor 1,4 GHz

Available Megapari versions include Android 4 or later, 48,3 MB of RAM, 1 GB or more, and 48,3 MB for the app file. A 1.4 GHz CPU is also required.

Megapari App Download for iOS

The iOS installation process for the Megapari app is also not too difficult. A user from Bangladesh who wishes to do this must:

  1. Visit the Megapari mobile website using the browser on your mobile device.
  2. Ask customer service for a link or go to the applications section.
  3. After choosing the iOS version, install the application.
  4. You may access one-click betting from your home screen after installing the program.
  5. system requirements

Additionally, the app does not require iOS device specifications. The minimal system requirements are displayed in the table below.

iOS Available Versions iOS 12.2 or later
APP File Size, memory space 56,4 MB
RAM 1 GB +
Processor 1,4 GHz

Megapari Mobile Website Review

We have a specialized mobile site that you may access whenever you want directly from the browser on your mobile device. The mobile site has been created with mobile devices in mind and is fully functioning. The website loads as quickly as it can, and the user experience is pretty attractive and welcoming. Thanks to the simple navigation, you can find the Megapari section you need. 

Additionally, you can bet on regular or LIVE sports while playing regular casino games and winning real money. If for some reason you are unable to use Megapari Android and iOS apps, you can always use the website to earn money.

Megapari Sports Betting

Megapari offers everything you may possibly need for sports betting! Any reputable regional and worldwide competitions and games are open to betting. On our website, we publish more than a thousand different matches every day across many different sports. 

With the excellent range of high odds we have to offer, even the most seasoned bettor won’t get bored. The user-friendly interface will allow you to quickly study, navigate between the most important matches, and place bets.


Cricket is the most popular sport among bettors in Bangladesh. Megapari strives to offer Bangladeshi consumers as many betting options as possible in light of this. You can place a bet on the following events: Cricket’s Indian Premier League (IPL), the ICC T20 World Cup, and the Ashes World Cup.


Our competition, game, and outcome will intrigue every soccer fan. You can bet on games in the Pro League, American Premier League, Super League, La Liga, RPL, and more in addition to the Champions League and UEFA Europa League.


Another sport that we have is tennis, and we have a ton of betting possibilities for matches from tournaments like Wimbledon, the US Open, the French Open, the Australian Open, the Davis Cup, the ATP, and more!


We cherish basketball fans as well, and we invite them to place high-risk bets on the upcoming games: NBA, Euroleague, Eurocup, FIBA Champions League, and more, together with the Indian National Basketball Championships!

Ice hockey

Ice hockey enthusiasts can find a lot of intriguing things here as well. It is possible to bet on the Hockey World Cup, Champions Trophy, Hockey India League, Beighton Cup, Aga Khan Tournament, and more.


Volleyball betting is another well-liked way to generate real income. Megapari accepts bets on FIVB tournaments, Volleyball Men’s World Cup, Volleyball World League, and Volleyball World Championships. volleyball’s Grand Champions Cup, among other sports!

Megapari Live Betting

You can place real-time bets with us. You can follow the odds, look up statistics, and watch live match broadcasts. You will be able to recognize the winning scenario more precisely as a result of all of this. There is a specific section on the website where you can find all the live games. They are also continuously brimming with exciting opportunities. Use the Live section to get money as quickly as possible!

Esports Betting

Esports are actively gaining popularity on a global scale. It also increases the appeal of betting on games and sports. Thanks to a wide range of media outlets, millions of players follow their favorite teams and watch competitions. Megapari has an in-depth grasp of the fervor with which these sports are followed by the fans, and provides a superb selection of options.

The company offers customers a huge selection of Dota 2 betting markets. At Megapari, you can take part in all popular Dota 2 competitions, including The DreamLeague, Dota PIT, D2CL, The International, and more.


Fans of CS:GO betting have many alternatives for placing bets on the following events: DreamHack, Faceit Major, MLG Major, PGL Major, ESL One, and more!

Battalion II

The game Starcraft is still played today despite its age. You can bet on events like the IEM Katowice, the DH SC2 Masters, and the Global StarCraft II League in 2021.

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