Market Your Brand by Learning Video Ad Marketing for LinkedIn

Undoubtedly, videos have become one of the most popular ways to market a brand through digital marketing. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram rely on video marketing to reach the target audience. The trend is more appealing, intriguing, and impressive for the audience as it’s a mixture of visuals, music, and text, making the message a captivating and attention-grabbing one.

Now that the trend has been making its way on different social media platforms, LinkedIn has not remained far behind. Surprisingly, video Ad marketing has been turning the tables for the marketers on LinkedIn. Factually, the video ads are more viewed, making it one of the leading LinkedIn marketing solutions.

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If you are still unaware of how video ads on LinkedIn work, then this blog is meant to guide you thoroughly. We have got you covered, from discovering the reasons behind video ads to offering you some of the best ways to create video ads for your LinkedIn account. You can even visit to tweak your business.

Why Should You Learn Video Ad Marketing?

Here are some facts that you should give a read before learning one of the best LinkedIn marketing solutions, i.e., video Ad marketing:

  • Firms receive six times more engagement by choosing live video LinkedIn marketing solutions to market their brand.
  • Around 50% of the members engage with ads they see on their LinkedIn feed.
  • LinkedIn users spend three times more on videos than other content (blogs, images, etc.).
  • Video content gets 30% more comments than non-video content
  • Video ads get 20 times more viewsin comparison to any other marketing content on the site.

How Video Ad Marketing is the Best of All LinkedIn Marketing Solutions?

If you are looking for some of the advantages that make video Ad marketing one of the top-notch LinkedIn marketing solutions, then here they are:

·         Expands Your Brands Reach:

Undoubtedly, videos on LinkedIn have generated millions of expressions in a year alone. So if you wish to reach a knowledgeable audience rapidly, then video marketing is the hack you have been looking for.

·         Helps You Catch the Right Attention:

If your goal is to increase engagement, then video ads are a great way to increase engagement on your account compared to text or image posts.

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·         Quickly Communicates Your Brand:

The audience on LinkedIn is more professional, which is why they understand the context and content of your video in a better manner and judge your brand accordingly. Moreover, you get to educate your target audience in a better manner through videos. Hence it is considered one of the most effective LinkedIn marketing solutions.

·         Drives Higher Conversions:

Surprisingly, video ads drive a lot of internet traffic and help your brand grow. You are ultimately leading to a better and higher Return on Investment (ROI).

How to Create a Video Ad for LinkedIn?

Step 1: Set Your Target Audience

Once you know your target audience, you can use LinkedIn marketing solutions like to know the type of clients that usually engage with your posts, their interests, and how you can serve them. Once you know all of this, you can create a better target audience.

Step 2: Create Different Options for A Video Ad

You are supposed to follow specific guidelines to make your ad more appealing, like:

  • Length should be between three to thirty seconds
  • The orientation should be horizontal.
  • Format should be MP4
  • Size should be from 75KB to 200MB
  • Frame rate should be less than 30 FPS

Keeping in mind the guidelines mentioned above, pick an excellent video editing program to create a video. Note to make it as catchy as you can. Preferably, build a story to engage the audience. Also, add variations and create new versions.

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Step 3: Start a LinkedIn Video Ad Campaign

This stage is a crucial one in which you will have to define the name, timing, target audience, duration, budget, and goals of your campaign.

Step 4: Review Your Ads

You can replicate ads for different audiences and see which is performing better. The better the CTR, the better is the performance of your ad.

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