Making Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Those You Love: Tips & Ideas

We all want to shower that special someone in our life with love and affection and at times, with lavish gifts and Valentine’s Day, among other things, makes for a perfect gift-giving occasion. However, if you’re not too sure about what to pick as the perfect Valentine gift for your loved one, we recommend that you try out a special Valentine’s Day Gift Basket this year. No matter the occasion, DIY gift baskets are always a wonderful gift idea as one can put an assortment of goodies inside a basket and personalize the gift in a variety of manners.

For starters, a gift basket will require you to put your creative cap on. From zeroing on a theme for the basket to deciding what products to put in there that will sit nicely with your chosen theme to finally decorating the basket, there is so much that will put your creativity to test. And this is what makes preparing a DIY gift hamper so much fun. In addition, when you DIY a Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper or Basket, the very fact that you took the trouble to prepare a unique, beautiful and a lavish basket is a way of telling your partner that YOU CARE. And you can rest assured that the message will never be lost to the receiver of the gift! However, in case you lack the time to make your own basket, there is no reason to fret either. There are some wonderful companies out there that specialize in gift baskets and hampers and almost all of them also offer special Valentine’s Day Gift Hampers & Baskets. For our Australian audience for example, we highly recommend Hampers With Bite, a family-owned company that has a range of thoughtful, wonderfully designed, and lavish gift baskets on offer. So, if for some reason you cannot create your own basket, you can always choose a Valentine gift hamper from this company and can rest assured with the knowledge that your special someone will absolutely love it.

Creating Your Own Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper: Tips & Ideas

Choosing a Theme

However, how to go about it if you do decide to make a Valentine’s Day Gift hamper all on your own? Well, first of all, you’ll need to decide on a theme and the items and products as well as the decorations for the basket should revolve around this ‘special theme’ for the basket.

Now, when choosing the theme for your gift basket, we suggest that you pay close attention to the hobbies, interests, and pastimes of your loved one. Pay attention to things that your partner loves in his or her everyday life.

For example, if your partner happens to be obsessed with coffee, what can be better than designing a basket with all things coffee? Here are some ideas as to what to put in your Coffee Gift Hamper. To begin with, you should find some premier coffee product that will act as the centerpiece of the basket. Do you have a favorite coffee shop that you frequent together? Then, get hold of a big pack of some specialty ground coffee from the shop. That done, think about other items that will fit nicely with the theme. What about some caramel wafer cookies, biscotti, shortbread, etc.? Also, consider putting in a beautiful coffee mug, preferably with the logo of the coffee shop that you both love. Well, you can already get to see the advantages of a custom gift hamper from this one example alone. The items that you’re putting in the basket will let your partner know that you’ve chosen them with care and that you’ve been paying attention to all the smaller details…and your gift will be all the more appreciated for this!

That was just one example. You can, of course, think up of other ideas depending on the taste, preferences and hobbies of your partner. For example, is your partner into binge-watching and love his Netflix movies and shows? If yes, you can prepare a unique “Chill-er and Netflix” hamper for him. Stock the basket with a special subscription, include some favorite goodies that he loves to eat along with the beverage of his choice, etc. Again, the key is to know and pay attention to all the little things that your partner loves and enjoys doing and if you can incorporate some of them into your Valentine’s Day gift basket, that would be just perfect!

However, you can also settle for some more generic ideas for a gift basket. These include Pamper Baskets that can include anything from your partner’s favorite chocolates, wines, beauty & skincare products, nourish and nurture products (both for men and women); or a gift basket full of charcuterie board ingredients that you can enjoy together on a quiet night sitting by the fire; and so on. You have numerous choices. However, one thing to keep in mind is that even when you settle for one of these generic themes, choose the items that will go into the basket with proper care. The idea is to make your partner realize that you’ve taken enough care when putting the basket together.

Also, try to go for premier products as much as you can, even if it means putting a strain on your pocketbook for the time being. In other words, do not try to cut corners. A Valentine’s Day gift is not the proper occasion do so!

Decorating the Gift Basket

Now, when it comes to decorating the basket, keep in mind that a wonderful presentation is just as important as the things that go into the basket. And the reason is the same. A well-decorated hamper or basket communicates the idea to your partner that you have put enough care and effort into creating the gift.

Start with choosing a basket or hamper that will look good by itself. Wooden box or buckets; baskets made of natural fibers like straw, bamboo, willow or cane; pretty canvas boxes—all of these are good ideas. Metal baskets are also fine if you’ll be putting some heavy items into them. However, we recommend that you stay away from things like plastic buckets or bowls. Remember what we said about not trying to scrimp when you are planning a Valentine’s Day gift?

Now that you have the items and the basket or hamper on your hand, it’s time to arrange the contents nicely into the basket. Use things like colorful ribbons, Styrofoam balls, decorating papers, soft-colored tissue papers, artificial flowers, etc. for decorating purposes. You can find many such items at places like Dollar Tree or TJ Maxx. So, pay a visit to these stores to find things that will fit in nicely with the central theme of your basket. One final tip: pay attention to the color scheme when choosing the decorative items and if there are gaps inside the basket, fill them up with some smaller items that will accord with the theme of the hamper.

Let Hampers With Bite Help You

Or, as we mentioned earlier, if you lack the time to create a gift basket all on your own, you can choose some wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift hampers at a place like Hampers With Bite. The company has in offer a special range of Valentine’s Day gift hampers. You can take your pick from one of them. However, you can also browse their other gift hampers categories and you may find that perfect gift for your partner from one of them. Finally, the company also gives you the choice to create your own hamper. All you need to do is specify your budget and the purpose of the gift and Hampers With Bite will come up with a great gift hamper arrangement for the occasion in question.

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